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Using Generative AI to Help Optimize Your PPC Campaign

by Natalie Moe • April 7th, 2023 • Marketing Technology | Blog

Artificial intelligence has been revolutionizing the digital marketing and PPC landscape for quite some time now, but its growth and capabilities have accelerated exponentially over these past few months. Now, AI is easy to use and implement, and there are many benefits law firms can reap when they weld the technology effectively.

Although AI seems complex and hard to understand, there are many widely available tools like Chat GPT and Bard that firms can and should leverage to streamline their PPC efforts.

What is Generative AI?

Generative artificial intelligence or generative AI is a type of AI system that can generate text, images, or media based on prompts. This type of technology is not brand new. Generative AI was introduced in the 1960s, but it wasn’t until 2014 that the introduction of GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks), a type of machine learning algorithm, allowed generative AI to create authentic text, images, and media that were high quality enough for marketers to be able to use them.

How to Access Generative AI

The most widely accessible way of accessing GPT is through ChatGPT which you can use at this link

But while ChatGPT is one of the quickest options, your firm may want to consider more expansive features when trying to leverage GPT to build and optimize PPC campaigns. 

That’s why we recommend firms look into add-ons for spreadsheets. One of our top recommendations is a Google Chrome extension called GPT for Sheets and Docs.

Once installed, you can use it to add GPT formulas, so rather than only being able to work with one single prompt at a time in the chat interface, you can run the same prompt en masse to a whole list.

Here’s our breakdown of 6 ways law firms can leverage AI tools for their PPC campaigns:

1. How to Use ChatGPT for Keyword Discovery

You can prompt ChatGPT to build a keyword list by providing your landing page URL. To make the list even more relevant, you can tell ChatGPT to include a certain key term in the list. You can also prompt it to find keywords similar to ones you already use.

generative ai

2. How to Use GPT for Keyword Classification

It’s smart to split your keywords into smaller related groups, as this gets you a higher quality score from Google. To get the best results, show GPT an example of categorizing keywords. And ask them to categorize your list in the same way.

3. How to Use GPT to Create Ads

You can tell ChatGPT to write ad headlines with the character limit you want based on your landing page and keywords.

generative ai

4. How to Use GPT for Search Term Optimization

Once you get your ads up and running, you’ll start to collect data on what terms its ranking for. You can take this list and ask ChatGPT to rank it by relevance. This can be helpful as you’re sorting through keywords and trying to create a negative keyword list.

5. How to Use GPT for Building PPC Audiences

Try asking GPT what certain consumers care about and what keywords they may search.

generative ai

6. How to Use GPT to Optimize Landing Page Relevance

One thing advertisers struggle to understand is why ads show up for seemingly irrelevant search terms. Dynamic search ads and Performance Max campaigns use a site’s web pages to determine what search terms it should be triggered for. Try asking ChatGPT what it thinks pages on your site are about. If the terms are too loose, or don’t relate to what you’re trying to achieve, this can give you an idea of how to better optimize your pages.

ChatGPT Tips and Tricks

  • Remember, ChatGPT can give you answers in a variety of forms, you can prompt it to give you answers in a format you’d like, such as a list, bullet points, table, etc.
  • Be clear and specific with every prompt you send, don’t leave room for interpretation.
  • Try teaching it- you can include links to showcase your brand style, writing conventions, etc. to show it what kind of copy you’d like.
  • Ask for a higher word count than you need. This way, as you edit it and take things out, it’ll be around the word count you need
  • Don’t forget to edit. Nobody’s perfect, even ChatGPT, make sure to fact check and review everything for errors.
  • Ask for Do-overs. You can ask ChatGPT to try again if you didn’t like its first response.
  • Ask follow up questions if necessary in order to get exactly what you want


The savviest of law firms will lean into technological advancements and take advantage of new and exciting tools like ChatGPT. When used correctly, this AI has the power to help you greatly reduce your time spent on PPC ads.

Are you unsure how to leverage technology to its greatest potential? We’ve helped many law firms and legal companies build out and leverage martech stacks. Contact us today for a free consultation to get started.


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