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A Legal Marketer’s Guide to Writing Social Media Ad Copy that Converts

by Talia Schwartz • January 27th, 2021 • Social Media | Blog

Writing Social Media Ad Copy that ConvertsDo you want to create more effective social media ads for your law firm? Wondering how to write ad copy that produces conversions?

When it comes to social media advertising – whether it be on LinkedIn or Facebook – it’s important to write copy that is compelling and personalized to your audience so that they stop scrolling, pay attention and take action. Here are 7 tips to help you do that.

A Legal Marketer’s Guide to Writing Social Media Ad Copy that Converts

1. Keep ad copy consistent with your brand voice

Every law firm needs its own voice, and your followers should recognize it when they see your posts. Keep language similar to other posts, and use the language your demographic uses, as well as local lingo and grammar.

2. Make the who, what, when, where, and why clear

There should be a call to action present, but also cover the basics like these “W” questions. This way you can be sure readers have all the information necessary to engage and take next steps. Not sure how to answer all of those questions? Revisit your target demographic’s pain points and address messaging to what they need.

3. Test ad copy length

Different social platforms offer different amounts of real estate. Just because you can make longer ads, doesn’t mean you should, though. In some cases shorter copy might be more effective – but not always. Split testing will help you collect data on what your audience actually prefers, so that you can optimize social media advertising for your law firm’s future campaigns.

4. Write copy that leverages FOMO

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a powerful motivator that fuels many of our social media behaviors. Research shows that 56% of social media users are afraid to be away from social networks because they might miss out on events, news, and important status updates.

Unsurprisingly, FOMO can be great way for your social media copy to grab people’s attention, especially if it uses the following elements:

  • Exclusivity – Copy reflecting exclusive access or first “dibs” on an offering
  • Urgency – Copy communicating an offering available for a limited time only
  • Scarcity – Copy communicating limited availability on an offering

5. Be concise

Avoid complex language and use short sentences. People skim on social media, so punchy posts tend to work better than long paragraphs. If text doesn’t add immediate value, remove it. Get rid of fluff and extra words. 

6. Avoid sales-driven messaging

When writing organic (not paid) social content, you want to avoid pushy or aggressive messaging. You can encourage people to take action without veering into salesy territory.

7. Leverage tools

Run your post copy through a tool like Grammarly to make sure it’s free of errors, and use tools like Hashtagify to find relevant hashtags for your tweets. There are plenty of tools out there to make your job easier.

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No matter which social media platform you’re creating ads on, great copywriting can be the key to engaging your target audience more effectively. These seven social media copywriting strategies will help your law firm stand out in the feed and will give your audience a reason to stop and perform the desired action.

Do you need help driving real business results through social media? Our social media offerings can be customized to your law firm’s needs and realities. In addition to social media management, we offer social media consulting and training for our clients. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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