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Paid Social and PPC Services for Law Firms

Paid Social and PPC for Attorneys

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Paid Social advertising drive prime targets for business right to your website, microsite, or blog.

Unlike SEO, which requires time to see results, a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign can be set up quickly and generate immediate traffic from keywords suited to your business and popular with your audience.

Advantages of SEM

Mobile Conversions: PPC ads that are optimized for mobile devices see high traffic. More and more people search from their phones or tablets, and people with an urgent need for counsel are particularly likely to act on mobile ads. These visitors can convert to buyers on the fly.

Bang for Your Buck: When properly managed, PPC for law firms is economical. Using Google Ads and other services, your ads are served up to a select audience of potential prospects. You set a daily budget, and you only pay when they click. Your ads post throughout the day until your daily budget runs out.

Easy to Control: PPC campaigns are flexible. The daily budget of a PPC ad campaign can be changed at any time, and you can suspend a campaign at a moment’s notice. You can see how your campaign performs today, and adjust and tweak it to improve results tomorrow.

Paid Social

Paid social is sponsored content or advertising-such as sponsored Facebook posts or promoted posts on LinkedIn that is used to increase your law firm’s presence. At its core, paid social allows you to reach people who may not follow you directly, but who have expressed an interest in your type of service, or who fall within your target demographic.

The Good2bSocial team has years of experience in creating strategies and managing law firm’s paid social media campaigns. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Develop a strategy – Whether you are interested in increasing traffic, building brand awareness, increasing engagement, generating more leads or acquiring more clients, we are able to develop a strategy that works to meet your objectives.
  • Select the right social platform – We help you to figure out which social platform is right for you. There’s plenty of benefits to use one network over another. However, you have to understand each business has its own unique reasons to promote on certain platforms.
  • Select Your Target Audience –  Targeting an audience for social media ads is not an easy task. Trust us-we’ve spent hours working on Facebook Ads Manager, trying to select our target audience and share the best content. Trying to do this while matching your organizations voice, while seeming appealing to completely new users who’ve never heard of you is tough work. We make it easy and help you through this process.
  • Choose the Right Content – There are several different types of paid advertising you can choose from on social media. We help you create and publish the content that is going to have the best impact and deliver the best results. From copy, to images and videos, we will help to create your ads and test different variations to ensure you get the best results.
  • Develop a Funnel – One step social advertisers often forget is to develop a marketing funnel to guide prospects through the client journey. We help you to create lead magnets and content for every step of the journey and develop landing pages to help you convert those leads into clients.
  • Optimize Bidding –  Once it’s time to start bidding for your ads, it’s far too easy to overpay or severely limit your audience with low bids. Instead, you have to find the right balance and optimize your social bidding strategy to be competitive, but money conscious. For starters, your bids go against a large amount of competitors trying to reach the same users. Not everyone’s bidding strategy will work the same for others, which is why this subject is so difficult for advertisers. We help to optimize your bidding to achieve the best results and deliver a positive return on your investment.
  • Continually Refresh and Test – For any ad campaign cycle, it’s essential to continuously refresh, alter and test your content to get the most out of it. One of the worst things an ad manager can do is let your various social ads get stale and overused. Refreshing ads keeps your audience engaged and hopefully catches the attention of those you’re retargeting. We help to test and refresh your campaigns on an ongoing basis to ensure that your ads and campaigns are always performing at their best.
How we do it

Optimal Keywords:

We identify the most promising keywords and search strings for your specific segments.

Closing the Loop:

We set up landing pages with strong calls to action to increase conversions.

Rational Budgeting:

We help you set a budget that strikes the right balance between cost and traffic volume.

Content Management:

We write and place compelling targeted ads designed to hook your audience.

Constant Monitoring:

We monitor your campaign on a daily basis and adjust your keywords and ad verbiage as the campaign continues.
While cost-effective and easy to use, solid strategy and constant management are both key to making paid search work. Legal search marketing keywords are some of the most expensive to bid on. To extract the value out of your SEM program, you need to plan your campaign, craft smart ads, and set an appropriate budget. PPC for law firms is valuable and we can help you get started