content marketing for law firmsContent marketing for law firms is hard. Unfortunately, fun, exciting, and engaging aren’t usually the first words people use to describe content in the legal industry. The content that most law firms publish often gets a bad reputation for being boring and uninteresting. A lot of digital marketers will shy away from working in the legal industry and avoid legal marketing projects because they find the work to be uninteresting and tedious. Nonetheless, if law firms want to demonstrate their knowledge an experience to their prospects and clients, they need to create and publish engaging content.

Content marketing for law firms provides plenty of opportunities for lawyers and law firms to develop unconventional and innovative ideas and strategies. Below are three tips to create engaging and remarkable content for your law firm.

Create Content that Covers Each Step of The Client Journey

When creating engaging marketing content for your law firm, it is important to know your audience. Rather than trying to appeal to a large demographic of online users, try creating content that directly relates to your target audience and where they are in the client journey. The client journey consists of four phases: Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, and Retention. Each will require a different approach in the content that your law firm is creating. To create content for each of these stages you must first understand them. Check out this podcast on mapping your client’s journey to learn how to best optimize the content in each step.

Create Content That Appeals to The Human Experience

Online users often respond to content that is engaging, emotional, and/or controversial.  With this in mind, there are ways to create content that will truly resonate with your target audience. Educating your audience on current trends and developments within the law is one way to do this. Marketers need to  ensure that their content is timely and relates to their target audience. Think about ways to incorporate current events, popular culture, and trending topics into your content to grab your audience’s attention and pique their interest. Try to create content that is relevant and interesting to your audience. You want to make sure that your content resonates with your audience and encourages engagement. Make sure that your content is genuine and doesn’t feel overly technical. 

Ditch Passive Knowledge

Often, law firms, in particular, can be guilty of producing passive content that only serves to inform and provides overly-technical knowledge. This method could work for SEO but is not as effective in conversion. While creating content that works to inform may only reach audiences who are searching for that particular information, content that utilizes applied knowledge can draw in a wider demographic of potential clients. Content-based on applied knowledge not only informs but also helps the viewer to understand the information. It should also inspire, instruct, and help the reader to take action on whatever the issue or topic may be.

Using applied knowledge in your content marketing shows your audience that you understand them and their experience. The most important aspect here is to not bog down your client with overly-technical or boring information. Instead, apply the information in a way that appeals to your client’s needs and desires. This is also a great opportunity to incorporate charts and infographics into your content to share numerical and technical data in a more approachable way. Offering applicable knowledge allows the client the power to make well-informed decisions and builds trust that your firm provides valuable expert information. 


Boring uninteresting content can prevent you from appealing to, securing, and retaining new clients. Legal marketers can get creative with their content by producing insightful and interesting content that captures prospects and clients at each step along the buyers journey, appeals to the human experience, and utilizes applied knowledge. This type of content has the potential to generate leads and raise awareness of the services provided by your law firm.

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