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How to Create a Law Firm FAQ Page to Improve Search Rankings

by Guy Alvarez • April 18th, 2019 • SEO | Blog

faq pageYou may not realize it, but including an FAQ page on your law firm’s website will do more than provide valuable information to your current and potential clients. It can also boost your SEO rankings at the same time, taking care of multiple tasks for you.

Understand the Role of FAQs

No matter the current state of your FAQ section, you should take a few minutes to understand why it matters. There was a time when FAQs were deemed unnecessary since organized websites should make it easy to find information. However, the reality is that FAQs can offer convenience when done right.  

Audit Your FAQ

If you already have an FAQ section on your law firm’s website, start off by auditing it. You want to make sure that it serves the needs of your clients. Ask yourself if the content is outdated, if the answers are too short (or too long), if you have too many questions on a single page, the tone, and whether it is easy to find. During this process it’s key to truly think like a client – consider what you’re asked often and how to make the answer easily digestible for your site visitors. You should also check if the content includes links to the related pages of your website and if it references customer-support communities and/or downloads. During the audit, remember that the amount of content on a single page can affect your keyword rankings for particular search terms.

Check Current SEO Rankings

Because of the importance of your FAQ page for SEO rankings, go ahead and see how your current FAQs do in terms of keyword phrases. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results. Tools like SEMrush can let you get a feel for the keywords used and where on your website they land, including the FAQs. Keep this information in mind, so you know where you can make improvements on keyword use and what should remain the same.

Organize the FAQs With Topics

You do not want to have all your questions and answers on a single page. This is bad for SEO and annoying for website visitors. Instead, add a search box and at the very least, organize the questions by topic. This will help visitors and boost your SEO rankings. Again, turn to current clients and think of the questions they have commonly asked. From there you should be able to narrow down your FAQ page into different topics and questions. For example, a firm specializing in matrimonial law may have FAQ topics like “Prenuptial Agreements” or “Starting the Divorce Process”. Not only are these concepts high search volume phrases, but they are common questions prospects looking for a matrimonial lawyer might have.

Use Keywords Wisely

As you reorganize the FAQ page on your law firm’s website, go ahead and incorporate the keywords that are relevant to your law firm. Include them in things like the text itself, SEO page titles, page URLs, headers and subheads, internal links, image alt text, and image file names. All of these steps are necessary for ranking as high as possible on search engines. Remember that one page shouldn’t be stuffed with as many keywords as possible. Google is now smart enough to catch tactics like this and actual visitors will find the content unreadable. Instead focus on a few related keywords and use them naturally within both the questions and answers on your FAQ page.


Law firm FAQ pages are not only helpful to prospects and clients with questions – they can actually boost your firm’s search engine rankings when created with the right keywords and SEO strategy in mind. When creating or updating your FAQ page keep in mind some of these recommendations to ensure your law firm’s site can easily be found by potential clients. If you need help implementing additional SEO strategies, feel free to contact us for a consultation.

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