calls-to-action for law firm blogsLegal marketers have to accept that not every website visitor will convert into a client. At least not right away. Even if you have qualified traffic coming in, some people are bound to leave your site without contacting you. That means a general “contact us” may not be the most effective calls-to-action to close out your blog with. In fact, HubSpot research shows that a majority of blog visitors fall into the consideration stage. In general, these prospects are not yet ready to speak to you or learn about your services. Rather, they are simply looking for information on how to solve a problem; they are in the awareness or evaluation stage. So rather than letting these website visitors go, try using your website (and especially your blog) as a lead generation tool. Here are 8 compelling calls-to-action for law firm blogs that will help you do just that.

“Smart” CTA

This requires having a marketing automation platform in place. For example, HubSpot allows users to implement buttons specific to the visitor’s stage in the buyer’s journey. In this instance, a new website visitor is shown a call-to-action that leads to a lead generation offer, such as a whitepaper. Meanwhile, a warm lead is offered a free consultation and a current client is directed to another piece of content, such as a checklist or editorial calendar template

Social CTA

It’s always useful to have people connect with you on social media, so help them to do so! Make it as easy as possible for readers to follow you on social media by providing icons and links at the bottom of your content.

Tweet This CTA

Use a tool called ClicktoTweet to create a pre-written tweet that visitors can use to share your content. This type of CTA is especially useful for content with tidbits of information like statistics that readers might want to share. 

Subscribe to Blog CTA

If someone lands on your blog, it stands to reason that the information you share is useful to them. Make it easier for them to keep up with your content by allowing them to subscribe to your blog via email. Make the subscribe CTA as clear and short as possible. 

Comment CTA 

It’s not always about you. Don’t fall into the trap of constantly asking your visitors to do things for you. Engage with them by asking them to comment on blog posts. Ask specific questions to get readers to share their thoughts on your latest legal blog content. 

A Slide-In CTA

This is a newer type of CTA that slides into the bottom corner of content once you’re done reading. They are not an annoying pop-up, but a small, non-intrusive mention of something to download, or a similar CTA. There are a variety of tools offered online to implement this sort of CTA. 

In-Line CTA

Sometimes the most effective call-to-action can simply be a link within your blog post that provides more information on a given topic. Typically written as “learn more.”

Sidebar CTA

Occasionally, there are CTAs that may be relevant for your company but aren’t key to the content of your blog post. The sidebar of your blog is a great area to place these CTAs. If you’re asking visitors to take a step that’s not directly related to the content of the blog, it can make sense to tuck these into a sidebar of the site. 


Make your online presence a true lead generation tool by implementing actionable and valuable calls-to-action in your law firm blogs. Test different copy, design, and placements to see which works best. If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to our weekly newsletter to receive informative legal marketing content straight to your inbox.

Updated and republished from November 2019.