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Law Firm Editorial Calendar: A Key to More Effective Content Marketing

If you want to establish a successful law firm content marketing strategy, you should begin by setting up an editorial calendar. This advice is not restricted to law firms, it’s a general axiom for all business blogging. It’s broadly applicable to publications of all sorts — whether you’re publishing website content or an e-zine, an […]

The Best Way to Get A Reporter's Attention?

“How do I get you to publish a story on the partners at my firm?” “Why don’t you publish lawyer profiles?” These were some of the questions that law firm PR professionals were asking reporters at an event for law firm media professionals. The event was organized to allow law firm professionals and PR agencies […]

Why Law Firms Need to Think Beyond LinkedIn

Recently I spoke with a friend who is quite savvy about social media and handles business development at a major law firm. During our call he complained about the lack of understanding of social media marketing, not just in his firm but in the entire legal industry. “You don’t understand how bad it is. At a recent conference, […]

Advice to Law Firms: Own Your Media, Don't Rent It

Law firms and legal marketers are spending tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars for the privilege of placing their content on third party publications or distribution services. The reason law firms are willing to pay for this is to expand their reach. These publications and services have created extensive distribution networks and are (at least […]

How Can Law Firm Marketers Use Twitter Lists?

Twitter lists help you manage your time, organize your feed and stay current on a certain topic or industry. We have written in the past about some basic ways lawyers and legal marketers can use Twitter to raise awareness of their services, strategically grow their networks and position themselves as thought leaders in their areas of […]

Why Law Firm Blogs Need SEO

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website and blog so they appear as high as possible in search results for specific keywords or phrases that are relevant to the legal services your firm provides and the issues your clients face. In general, sites that appear higher in search results will receive more […]

How Lawyers Can Use Keyword Research to Find Their Niche

All online searches begin with someone — maybe a client or a prospect — typing a keyword into a search box. Finding out what they’re typing, what keywords they’re using to find a lawyer like you is a coveted insight. Placing high in the rankings in response to searches for the right keywords is crucial […]