Ruder Ware


Ruder Ware is a full-service business law firm based in Wisconsin. The firm’s Elder Law Team wanted to target financial advisors in their market area by offering a free webinar that shared alternatives when long-term care insurance is not an option. The firm retained Good2bSocial to help raise awareness and drive registrations to the webinar.


We developed a LinkedIn Campaign targeting financial and wealth management professionals in forty different counties throughout Wisconsin. We provided input into the design of three separate LinkedIn ads, each with a different focus and conducted extensive targeting research to ensure we would reach the right audience. We then conducted A/B testing on the ads and optimized the campaign as it ran in order to maximize results and minimize spend.


The campaign was a great success. The advanced targeting enabled us to generate a 1.5% click-through-rate on just over 2,500 impressions, which is way above the industry standard. The three ads received over 14,000 impressions and 87 click-throughs to the landing page resulting in 31 registrations for the webinar.

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Need To Generate More Leads For Your Law Firm?

Need To Generate More Leads For Your Law Firm?