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Podcast Episode 199: Responsible AI: How Marketing Leaders Should Build Governance to Ensure Effective Deployment of Generative Artificial Intelligence

by Guy Alvarez • January 4th, 2024 • Podcast

In this episode of the Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast, Guy is joined by Al Biedrzycki. With over 15 years of experience in leading ecosystems, platforms, and partnerships, Al Biedrzycki has been instrumental in scaling startups, and pre- and post-IPO organizations. One of his most notable achievements is growing HubSpot’s platform product ecosystem to 500+ app partners and its channel program to 3,000+ agency partners. He also helped build and scale Airtable’s extension marketplace and service partner program. At Jasper, Al leads the affiliate marketing and solutions partner program strategies.


Impactful Ways That Marketing Leaders Can Leverage Generative AI to Augment Their Marketing Strategies

AI, particularly generative AI, has the potential to accelerate content and improve marketing strategies. Tools like Chat Gbt and Jasper allow users to prompt generative models to generate outputs based on their input. However, it is crucial for leaders to consider how AI can be used to drive results and tie it to real marketing metrics. This involves integrating AI tools with real marketing strategies and ensuring closed-loop reporting. By measuring the success of content published using generative tools, marketing leaders can make the content process more impactful. Overall, AI can be a powerful tool for accelerating content and driving results, but it is essential for marketers to consider how AI can be used effectively.

Limitations and Risks of Generative AI That Marketing Leaders Should Be Aware Of

Al Biedrzycki discusses the limitations of large language models, which are built on specific ways of prompting outputs based on code and structure. These tools may not always provide complete or incomplete answers, and this is where the human element comes in. It is important to fact-check and review the content to ensure it is up to speed. Hallucinations are not necessarily bugs, but rather a feature of these tools. It is important to remember that these tools were not intended to be foolproof. The human element should be added on top of the tools, and users should not be satisfied with the results they get. It is crucial to ensure that the tools are used effectively and that the output is the desired outcome. It is essential to consider the limitations and human element when using these tools.

Why Marketing Leaders Should Look to Build AI Governance at an Organization

Al Biedrzycki emphasizes the importance of transparency in leveraging AI for content creation and governance. He suggests that organizations should have clear guidelines for how AI is used internally and externally. He encourages law firms and other legal professionals to build AI policies for their websites that align with their organization. Customers should expect content created by AI and humans. Jasper offers templates crafted by their legal team for use as a starting point. However, as AI tools become more proliferated, teams may try them without their knowledge. To avoid this, organizations should take a step back, determine their approach, be transparent, and build the right resources.

How Organizations Can Implement Responsible AI Practices to Future-Proof Their Business by Leveraging AI for Marketing Efficiencies

Al Biedrzycki recommends organizations build an AI council by involving cross-functional stakeholders across different functions. This helps in understanding how AI will be leveraged, and communicated to prospects, customers, internal employees, and externally. The council should shape government governance both internally and externally. Al Biedrzycki suggests that a marketing leader can be a key figure in shepherding this across, especially in the use of generative AI. This is because content creation relies on communicating ideas, products, and services. A marketing leader can be the captain of building an AI council and leading the charge within the organization.


Organizations should be proactive in approaching responsible AI usage and marketing leaders can take the reins by forming an AI council, developing AI policies, developing transparent communication initiatives internally/externally, and more to ensure effective deployment.

You can Alec Biedrzycki on Linkedin & Twitter and the Company Website.

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