Author: Julie Lorson

How Law Firms Can Conduct Keyword Research to Boost Their Online Presence

In the legal industry, where every client matters, having a robust online presence can set your law firm apart from the rest. The secret to achieving this? Effective keyword research. By understanding and implementing strategic keywords, law firms can significantly enhance their SEO, drive more traffic, and ultimately attract more clients. This comprehensive guide will […]

The Importance of Strategic Backlinks in Law Firm SEO

In the competitive world of legal services, one of the most effective ways to increase your law firm’s online visibility and attract potential clients is through search engine optimization (SEO). One of the most beneficial ways to boost SEO is by acquiring backlinks from ranking and awards sites, which can significantly enhance your firm’s performance. […]

Optimizing Your Law Firm’s SEO Strategy Using Reddit

Reddit has recently emerged as a formidable platform for marketers. With its unique blend of user-generated content and community-driven discussions, Reddit provides valuable insights and real-time feedback that can significantly impact your marketing strategies. For law firms and legal marketers, understanding how to leverage Reddit effectively can unlock new avenues for client engagement and lead […]

Law Firm SEO Strategies to Outrank Your Competitors Online

If you’re a newly established law firm and you haven’t taken full advantage of search engine optimization (SEO) yet, you’re missing out on online lead generation opportunities. Practicing proper SEO is one of the most effective ways you can grow your practice online. Your law firm SEO is directly related to how well you rank […]

How Google’s AI Overviews are Shaping Search for Law Firms

Imagine searching for legal information online and being presented with a concise summary that answers your query instantly. This is the magic of Google’s AI Overviews at work. For law firms and legal marketers, these AI-powered summaries have become a double-edged sword—improving user experience while challenging traditional SEO strategies. In recent months, Google has made […]

The Impact Negative Reviews Have on Your Law Firm’s SEO

We know you’re great at what you do. Naturally, your firm only gets glowing reviews. On the very, very off chance that someone did leave a bad review somewhere in the digital world, have you given any thought to the impact this negative review will have on your law firm’s SEO?  Aside from the fact […]

What is Local SEO and Why Does It Matter for Law Firms

Do you know the difference between regular organic and local SEO? Do you know why the difference even matters? Here, we will break down the basics of local SEO for law firms and how it impacts your search engine strategy.  In simple terms, local SEO is where marketers focus to improve search engine rankings and […]

The Impact of AI Overviews on SEO for Law Firms

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) has evolved, ushering in a new era with AI Overviews. Launched to the public in the US on May 14, 2024, and set to roll out globally by the end of the year, these AI-generated search results are poised to revolutionize how we interact with search engines. This blog post […]

A 7-Point Checklist for International SEO for Law Firms in 2024

Navigating the intricate world of international SEO can be daunting, especially for law firms aiming to expand their reach globally. The legal industry is unique in its complexity, requiring tailored strategies to ensure compliance and visibility across different markets. In this post, we’ll explore an actionable 7-point checklist designed to elevate your international SEO strategy […]