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Forensic Strategic Solutions (FSS) is a national financial investigations firm that specializes in analyzing the interrelationships between people, events, and data within financial records. FSS wanted to bring more qualified traffic to its website’s practice area pages in order to generate more leads. As the website only had two keywords ranking on page one of Google, they needed to significantly improve their keyword rankings in order to achieve their objective. 


Our team developed a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that focused on determining the key phrases that prospects would use to find a firm providing the services offered by FSS. The strategy included adding new practice area subpages to the FSS website. Our writers then worked with the FSS team to create new content for the sub practice area pages and then optimized that content in order to rank for the target keywords.


Beginning in January 2022, the number of keywords ranking on page one on the Google search engine result pages has increased more than 700%. The FSS website now has 16 keywords on page one, including 13 ranking in the top 5. This has resulted in a 25% increase in traffic from search engines and has generated an increase in the number of qualified leads that the company is receiving.

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Need To Generate More Leads For Your Law Firm?

Need To Generate More Leads For Your Law Firm?