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Law Firms Should Leverage AI for SEO and Content Creation

by Laurie Villanueva • February 16th, 2024 • AI, Marketing Technology, SEO | Blog

Few things have disrupted the digital landscape in the ways that artificial intelligence will. AI-powered technology is quickly becoming one of the most powerful tools in a digital marketer’s arsenal. AI can be a valuable component across your entire digital strategy – if you know what you’re doing. 

5 Ways Law Firms can use AI for SEO and Content Creation

Ramp up your research process – An impactful marketing strategy is based on plenty of research. You need to know what your target audience is looking for if you want to create content that resonates. You’ll always have to complete research, but AI can make it happen a lot more quickly. Use AI to study your potential audience and then optimize content. You can try: 

  • Creating new content around a hub and spoke strategy 
  • Updating outdated content or poorly performing content
  • Determining which topics are higher-impact – discover which subjects people search for and care about
  • Understanding industry trends and which areas are most researched by your target audience
  • Monitoring competitors’ offerings and viewing their blogs
  • Learning more about your reputation in the industry

Find new sources of data to maximize search and SEO visibility AI can help you find information that can help you create more insightful content. Finding the right target keywords makes all the difference in your search performance. There are new tools that can support your efforts to discover usable, relevant keywords and phrases. Use a platform like Conversation Intelligence to quickly summarize call details to find issues before they escalate, or to save valuable time listening to client calls. Use AI to enhance your keyword strategy by: 

  • Identifying clients’ commonly spoken words and the phrases they use most
  • Mapping keyword frequency so that you can spot current trends
  • Applying insights from your findings to refine your SEO efforts

Here’s an example. Let’s say that you use an AI tool to listen in to calls. You discover that a phrase that keeps coming up is “hoverboard accidents.”  Perhaps that’s an area that you previously didn’t support. Now you can consider if it’s worth creating content around hoverboard accidents or even marketing around it specifically. 

Use what you learn to accelerate content generation – It’s never a good idea to rely solely on AI writing tools, but you can use them to speed up the creation process. You can perform research and then use AI tools to gain key insights into what potential clients really want or need. Then apply those insights to your ongoing content creation process. For example: 

  • Find popular terms and phrases that your clients use in search efforts
  • Use an AI tool like Jasper, to create content topics and clusters or even a rough draft of new material
  • Brainstorm blog or other thought leadership ideas around key search terms

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That being said, remember to always edit and put your spin on any content that is AI-assisted. AI is a great tool, but it’s not perfect, and it’s not human. Keep your content original and unique if you want the best search results. 

Enhance your campaign optimization strategy – Qualifying leads is one of the most important things a law firm can do. You can take things a step further by connecting your AI tool directly to your Google Ads account. By doing so, Google Ads can collect information on which keywords and ad creatives lead to calls, as well as which of those calls turn into real leads or even clients. Then, Google Ads will bid smarter on the campaigns that drive actual revenue, not just calls or clicks. Furthermore, when you identify the sources of your qualified leads, you can better allocate your marketing budget over time. Start by reviewing the platforms that can make such an integration possible, like CallRail Google Ads integration. 

Google has announced the integration of its cutting-edge AI model, Gemini, into Google Ads to revolutionize campaign creation. According to the General Manager of Google Ads, this connection seeks to ease ad campaign design while also increasing relevance with growing online search behavior. Gemini, Google’s leading AI engine, will support conversational interactions in Google Ads, making it easier for clients to construct search ad campaigns. Advertisers may start with their website URL, and AI will create optimum ad content, including creatives and keywords. Preliminary testing indicates that conversational interactions considerably increase the quality of search advertising campaigns, decreasing the requirement for manual labor. Advertisers that use this method are 42% more likely to get “Good” or “Excellent” Ad Strength rankings, resulting in a 12% boost in conversion.

Leverage marketing automation for maximum efficiency Every marketer has a goal of increasing conversion rates and productivity. Marketing automation has long been considered a powerful tool to help with these efforts. If you can combine user data and predictive analytics, you can take things a step further and predict what clients actually want. AI tools can deliver personalized material to your potential clients at just the right time, based on insights gathered from past behavior. Here are a few ways to automate some of your marketing tactics: 

  • Use AI-powered chatbots to answer commonly asked questions 
  • Analyze calls and automatically qualify leads based on certain keywords or phrases
  • Integrate an AI tool with CRM to automate communications and track engagement over time


Think of AI as one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. From keyword research and SEO discoverability to content creation and campaign optimization, AI offers several solutions that can help you refine your process and achieve impressive results. Get creative and keep exploring new ways to leverage AI to make your marketing job much easier. For more insights on AI in legal marketing, check out our past posts.


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