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Law Firm Marketing Services

Content Marketing Services for Law Firms and Lawyers

Marketing success — and failure — often depends on the quality of your content marketing. It’s how you demonstrate your expertise and reinforce your law firm’s brand with clients, prospects and influencers.
content marketing for law firms

A strong content marketing strategy starts with three things: what you want to say, to whom and how often. But content creation shouldn’t be a one-way street. A law firm’s content needs to encourage engagement and build a dialogue with your target clients. This will ultimately strengthen and deepen your relationships and lead to more business.

How we do it
content marketing for law firms

Audience Profiles:

We work with your law firm to develop detailed descriptions of your various audience personas — their characteristics, the issues and problems they face now, and what’s coming down the pike.
content marketing for law firms

One-on-One Consulting:

We spend time to understand what your business goals are, and what you’re hoping to achieve through a content marketing program.
content marketing for law firms

Evaluate Resources:

We want to know the structure of your support team so we’re creating a content marketing strategy that is reasonable and sustainable.
content marketing for law firms

Historical Analysis:

We explore what you have done or are currently doing to see what we can learn from previous campaigns and efforts, both online and offline.
content marketing for law firms

Refine the Message:

Our experienced industry writers work with you to create and curate content that builds awareness, increases engagement and produces business results.

content marketing for law firms

Repurpose Content:

We find every opportunity to use and repurpose your content across multiple platforms, including blog posts, social media, websites, email newsletters as well as traditional marketing.
content marketing for law firms

Visual Interest:

We use infographics, videos and photography to reinforce content marketing campaigns. Many of the photographers and videographers we work with can provide ongoing or project-based services, too.
Our goal is to strike a balance between communicating clearly what you want to get across and creating content that’s important to your audience. Content marketing works when it’s about them. If it’s valuable to them, they’ll keep coming back for more.

The Legal Writers Bureau

Don’t have the time to write? The Legal Writers Bureau’s team of award-winning writers and editors can help.

  • Our team of experienced content professionals specializes in creating high-impact legal and business content.
  • Content offerings include marketing copy, blogs and alerts, long-form articles, white papers, and thought leadership pieces.

For more, check out The Legal Writers Bureau.

Need an experienced team to support your content marketing initiatives?

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