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Retargeting Strategies for Your Law Firm to Bring in More Business

by Kevin Vermeulen • March 11th, 2020 • Legal Marketing | Blog

Retargeting Strategies for Your Law FirmLaw firms that are successful at capturing new business online focus on sending consistent and relevant messages to prospective clients. It’s particularly impactful to do so with potential clients who have already visited your website and shown interest in your practice. This re-engagement strategy is referred to as ‘retargeting’. Keep reading to learn how your law firm can utilize retargeting strategies to drum up a steady flow of new clients and high-value cases.

Retarget Unique URL Visits

Many times, when a firm is new to retargeting, they simply create campaigns based around past website visitors. Simply retargeting everyone who lands on your site is a broad strategy that may produce some results – but there are smarter ways to work. 

The best forms of retargeting will reach people based on their past website behaviors and activities. That means if someone has visited a particular practice area page, you should leverage that knowledge to target them with relevant messaging. This ensures you’re retargeting potential clients on an individual level instead of pushing one message out to the masses. For example, if you have a vague campaign that offers a lead magnet (whitepaper, eBook, checklist, etc.) to anyone who visited your site, many people who visited your home page to view other services will ignore that second message and maybe even wonder why they got it in the first place. Instead, segment your audiences by the service pages or blog pages they visited and revise the campaign messaging based on this past behavior. Personalizing your remarketing campaigns for different individualized segments is key to seeing results.

Tip: Be sure to include relevant and actionable calls-to-action (CTAs) on your marketing content.

Retarget Existing Clients

Retargeting existing clients working with your law firm is a way to build stronger and more personal relationships with them. It’s important to stay top of mind with this audience as they can be perfect referral sources for your law firm. They can also be prime targets to cross-sell some of your other services to. You have already won the trust of your clients. You risk nothing by reaching out to them again and reminding them of why they chose to hire your firm in the first place.

Another benefit of retargeting this audience is that it is fairly easy to set up with email marketing or social media marketing. As we know, one of the simplest and most cost-efficient ways to retarget audiences is through email marketing (as long as you’ve already captured their information). We give you some tips for creating your most effective email marketing campaign in our blog post: Creating a Long-Term Email Marketing Strategy for Your Law Firm

You can also retarget your firm’s clients across other channels like Google Ads or on social media. You can build customized client lists in Google, Facebook or LinkedIn by uploading a contact information list or connecting your contact management platform. A tip is to sort the file by how unresponsive the email subscribers are – that is, how long it’s been since they’ve responded positively to you or you’ve worked with them. It doesn’t make sense to spend valuable resources marketing to people who just signed a contract with you last week.

Retarget using Lead-gen Ads Based on Page Engagement

If you’ve attempted some website retargeting efforts and haven’t seen much success, try switching to this tactic. Facebook offers a powerful new tool called “Lead Ads”. These are essentially form-based ads that offer lead magnets in exchange for audience information like email address and job type. The Facebook Lead Ads are very natural and intuitive looking. You can run these ads by using Facebook page engagement as a retargeting tool. One benefit of this form of advertising is that people don’t have to leave Facebook to fill out the forms. This is great for typical Facebook users, as they can see the lead magnet without being driven to other sites (which can be a deterrent). 


Remember, most people visiting your site for the first – or even second – time are just trying to learn more about your firm and how you can help them. You can’t expect them to hand over their contact info or pick up the phone to call you right away. What you do with the information that you obtain from their activity is truly valuable and can enable a savvy marketing strategy. More and more platforms are developing tools to create effective retargeting strategies and data-driven advertising has made the process of retargeting much more advanced . If you’re ready to try these tactics and need help wading through channels or developing campaigns, contact us for help.



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