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How Your Law Firm Can Benefit From HubSpot

by Kevin Vermeulen • April 21st, 2023 • HubSpot, Marketing Technology | Blog

HubSpot remains the premier CRM and marketing technology platform out there. With a functioning CRM system, ahubspot slew of marketing and business development tools, and a vast array of automated features, it’s no wonder HubSpot has 113,925 happy customers.

As the leading HubSpot Partner in the legal industry. We’re well versed in all HubSpot has to offer and have helped many firms begin their HubSpot journey or learn how to maximize their HubSpot usage in order to improve their ROI.

Recently, HubSpot has continued to launch a number of new and exciting features. If you want to remain competitive and get the most out of your HubSpot investment, keep reading for all the details.

Why HubSpot?

If you haven’t invested in HubSpot yet, then you’re missing out. 

HubSpot continues to grow in popularity over the years, adding over 40,000 new customers this past year alone. As HubSpot grows in popularity, firms will do well to start investing in HubSpot today in order to ensure they don’t fall behind their competitors.

And best of yet, with HubSpot’s Partner Program, deploying and using HubSpot couldn’t get any easier, with most HubSpot customers seeing growth after investing in the software.

The Latest HubSpot Updates

HubSpot has been known for its marketing hub and the analytic capabilities that come along with it. Now, HubSpot is launching even more advanced features. Now HubSpot offers multi-touch revenue attribution and more granular customer journey analytics reporting tools. 

With these updates, you can connect every customer interaction to revenue, analyze conversion rates and time spent between steps, and create an ideal customer journey that drives revenue. An important aspect of marketing is being able to prove its effectiveness and measure key metrics. Using multi-touch revenue attribution and customer journey analytics, you can now prove your marketing’s impact, improve your campaigns, and make better budgeting decisions.

For an in-depth look at how to analyze your law firm’s marketing efforts, check out this complimentary eBook: A Law Firm Guide to Digital Marketing Analytics.

Multi-Touch Revenue Attribution Reporting

Marketing attribution is a type of reporting that allows legal marketing and business development teams to see the impact marketing has made on a specific goal like getting someone to register for an event. Multi-touch attribution reporting is meant to showcase how all the marketing efforts/ assets work together to help marketers reach this goal. It measures and assigns value to all the interactions a contact has had with your firm up to a particular moment.

Multi-touch revenue attribution helps marketers connect the dots between marketing efforts and how this connects to business development success/ conversions. These new multi-touch revenue reports allow you to gain a better understanding of your broader marketing efforts, enabling you to answer the following questions:

  1. Which campaigns drove the most revenue for my firm?
  2. Which marketing assets created the most deals?
  3. Which channels influenced the most revenue?

Attribution reports ‘use mathematical models to summarize how all of your marketing assets are influencing your bottom line’. You can choose different models such as first-touch, last-touch, or J-shaped, which will influence the amount of credit each asset receives.

How to use multi-touch attribution reports:

  1. Go to Reports> Reports
  2. Hit Create Report
  3. Select Attribution
  4. View the available sample revenue attribution reports in the Contact Create, Deal Create, and Revenue sections


Customer Journey Analytics

By creating a report with Customer Journey Analytics, you can view how every interaction with a potential client impacts your business.

With Customer Journey Analytics, you can analyze the different actions your visitors are taking across your websiteHubSpot marketing for law firms in a single, consolidated visualization. In the past, to determine the success of a particular path in a customer’s journey you would have to look at the individual conversion rates of each asset and piece together how they worked together to create a conversion. Now, this journey, the assets, their metrics, and the path to conversion are consolidated into one easy-to-understand report. With customer journey analytics, you can build out a singular view of your conversion paths and easily identify where drop-offs are occurring.

How to create a report with Customer Journey Analytics:

  1. Navigate to Reports> Reports
  2. Click ‘Create Report’
  3. In the ‘Build from Scratch’ section click ‘Journey Reports’
  4. Using the left-hand panel, click and drag ‘Steps’ to the ‘Stage’ section. You can add up to seven stages that all lead up to a conversion point.
  5. To get more granular, you can add a property to filter by hitting the filter icon
  6. You can also mark stages as optional by clicking the menu icon and hitting ‘Mark Stage as Optional’
  7. You can also add ‘branches’ which allow contacts to follow either stage in a path. Do this by clicking and dragging a step to the ‘Add a branch’ section.


Through these two new functions, legal marketers will have the ability to look at their data even more granularly. Both multi-touch revenue attribution and customer journey analytics allows marketers to gain deep insights into their audience and the buyer’s journey. 

Are you interested in investing in HubSpot or wondering how to make your current HubSpot investment pay off? We can help. We’re a Gold Tier HubSpot Partner, meaning we understand HubSpot in and out and are equipped to help law firms with the platform. We can help you with your purchasing decision, onboarding, and set up, or even show you how to leverage the platform to its fullest potential so you get a healthy ROI. Contact us today for a free consultation to get started.


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