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How to Improve the Discoverability of your Law Firm’s Podcast

by Noreen Fishman • April 27th, 2020 • Content Marketing | Blog

law firm podcastPodcasting for lawyers is an easy way to increase attorneys’ visibility and their reputations as experts. The challenge that comes with such a popular medium is that growing your audience is easier said than done. To ensure your law firm’s podcast is set up for success, you need to make sure the right people can discover it.

Whether you are struggling to develop consistent listenership, or you feel that you have hit a plateau, here are some things you can do in order to improve podcast discoverability and expand your audience.

1. Transcribe your podcasts.

One of the biggest impacts on your podcast search engine optimization (SEO) are transcriptions. Search engines need text to index content. It only makes sense that providing text along with your podcast will make it easier to find. 

There are plenty of tools to transcribe your sound files. You don’t have to do it manually.

2. Convert the audio to a YouTube video.

It’s great to repurpose content in multiple ways. Podcasts are no different. If you can create a video, you’ll experience a few different benefits: more content to share, automatic closed captioning and transcripts from YouTube, and a boost in SEO

3. Use show notes.

Similar to transcription, these notes give search engines something to crawl and index. Show notes also help listeners see what your law firm’s podcast is about, so they can determine its value and relevance. 

4. Create a podcast landing page.

Use it on your website with a call to action for visitors to subscribe to your podcast. Where relevant, use your law firm’s blog posts, social media channels and newsletters to link back to your landing page and promote your podcast.

5. Promote your content across channels.

Use any social media or digital tools that you have to share new episodes. A report by Edison Research found that 67% of American podcast listeners found new podcasts through social media. That means it’s important to share your law firm’s podcast across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

6. Ensure content is high quality.

Is your podcast worth discovering in the first place? Everyone is busy, and it’s essential your listeners feel your podcast is worth their time. Similar to written content, make sure your law firm’s podcasts are informative and helpful, with credible sources and trustworthy information. 

7. Focus on your audience.

Another way to ensure your podcast is worth listening to is to make sure you’re tuned in to potential listeners. Review your client personas and target market research. Understand your audience and the challenges they’re facing, and tailor content to them. 

8. Publish consistently.

Successful podcasts create episodes on a regular basis. Consistency helps podcasters to engage with their audience, and also simply provides more content that people can find. This will also help you get listed on podcast directories. 

9. Have multiple episodes for your first release.

Your listeners are bound to love your podcast! For that reason, it’s important to have 3-5 episodes queued up for your release date. On your launch day, plan to have a minimum of 3 episodes that people can listen to. This can also help you get featured in the “New and Noteworthy” section of iTunes. 

10. Submit your podcast to podcatchers.

A podcatcher is an app that plays podcasts (such as the Podcast app in iOS). There are several of them out there, such as Overcast and Podcast Addict

11. Have others mention you.

There is often a reciprocal effect when it comes to content marketing. If you feature a partner or other business in your podcast, send it to them and let them know. They might be inclined to do the same for you in their content marketing. Similarly, if you see a connection between your law firm and another business, email them and ask if there is potential for a collaboration in your podcast. See: How to Land Great Guests for Your Law Firm’s Podcast.

12. Be a guest on another podcast.

If you podcast regularly, you’ll see that it can be a challenge to fill up your calendar! Many podcast producers would welcome an interesting topic or the chance to interview an expert. Research the top podcasts in your law firm’s niche, and reach out to the contact to see if there is any opportunity to be featured or to collaborate. 


Podcasting is not an example of “If you build it, they will come.” It takes a proactive and strategic approach to not only create a podcast, but gain listeners and truly add to your law firm’s marketing efforts. These 12 tactics are a great start in improving the discoverability of your law firm’s podcast.

If you need more tips on getting started with your firm’s podcast, give ours a listen – or contact us and we can help you with your podcast production and promotion.



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