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LinkedIn’s Company Engagement Report Is Here to Power Up Your Law Firm’s ABM Campaigns

by Talia Schwartz • November 10th, 2020 • Social Media | Blog

law firm linkedin campaignThese days, marketers have access to countless analytics and metrics. The difficulty can be distilling all of that data down into actionable insights. How do you measure success within your target market? How do you know if you’re really engaging with the audiences that truly matter? This is a big advantage of account based marketing (ABM), and one that has helped drive the strategy’s widespread adoption. ABM enables law firm marketers to zero in on specific companies, providing a much clearer idea of who they want to reach and engage.

Subsequently and based on the popularity of ABM, LinkedIn has unveiled a new tool that facilitates company-level measurement and reporting, to help bring modern ABM programs to new levels of effectiveness and sophistication. If your firm is leveraging an account based marketing strategy, you will want to keep reading to learn about the benefits of LinkedIn’s Company Engagement Report.

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LinkedIn Announces The Company Engagement Report

One of the unique things about LinkedIn is that users are tied to where they work. That means it’s easier to monitor ABM marketing programs across a list of companies. LinkedIn’s new report gathers and presents engagement data within the scope of these target accounts (only!) in a way that is most useful and actionable for your strategy. LinkedIn is bringing new levels of ease and accuracy to this area of reporting.

What Is Tracked in the Company Engagement Report?

Specifically, you’ll find the following metrics categorized by the companies you’ve identified as highly valuable for your law firm: 

  • Total Engagement Level – Achieved by by taking the sum of ad engagement, organic engagement and website visits — divided by the number of members targeted and benchmarked across companies
  • Member Targeted – This is the number of members of a certain company who have been targeted
  • Total Ad Engagement – Comprised of the total number of likes, comments, clicks, shares, and video views (counted if members viewed at least 25% of the video). Note that this includes both paid ads and those virally shared. 
  • Total Organic Engagement – Reflects the number of posts from your organization’s page that were engaged with 
  • Total Website Visits – Monitored with the LinkedIn Insight Tag, this is the total number of times visitors came to your website from LinkedIn 

How Can Law Firms Use the Information from the Company Engagement Report? 

According to LinkedIn, the insights shared via the Company Engagement Report support marketers in three main activities: Know, Focus, Understand. 

  1. Marketers will KNOW if they are reaching the right people – people within their target who make or influence business decisions. 
  2. Marketers can better FOCUS on those targets that need marketing outreach. 
  3. Marketers can UNDERSTAND how their ads or organic content are affecting their most vital audiences. 

LinkedIn’s Company Engagement Report makes reporting on your law firm’s ABM campaigns much simpler. You can easily tap into this report to see which companies are resonating with your ads. For example, when you go to view “Impressions” you can see whether or not your key targets companies have viewed your content. If not, you can make adjustments across your bids, creative, etc. Or, try looking into the “Engagement Level” metric to understand which accounts might need a little extra attention and then deliver new content to them. 

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The goal of the new report is really to help marketers answer that key question: Is this working? LinkedIn created this enhanced reporting functionality as part of their overall effort to support savvy marketers. It’s now free for all users in Campaign Manager, so we encourage you to dig in and learn more about what the reporting can offer. 

If you need help building out an ABM campaign for your law firm on LinkedIn, reach out to us today. We have vast experience helping lawyers and law firms achieve measurable success through LinkedIn advertising.

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