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10 Tips for Attracting Followers to Your Law Firm’s LinkedIn Page

by Talia Schwartz • October 14th, 2020 • Social Media | Blog

Attracting Followers to Your Law Firm’s LinkedInIf you follow our blog, then you understand that LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social tools for business development. When you put the effort in, you can use LinkedIn to generate leads, make connections, and build your brand. Think of the platform as a virtual networking room that never closes! It’s important to be thoughtful in your LinkedIn strategy, though and focus on growing your followers. Growing your firm’s LinkedIn Page followers is one of the most valuable marketing objectives on the platform as increasing this total can lead to greater organic reach and more robust audience insights. Here is a list of tactics we’ve seen savvy law firms use to attract followers on LinkedIn.

1. Expand your network

Just like any networking channel, it’s only as effective as your efforts to meet people. Make a point to connect with others in your industry. Even before you do that, though, take the time to make sure your profile stands out and highlights your achievements and your value. That way when you reach out to people they can quickly see why they would want to connect with you. 

2. Use LinkedIn’s publishing platform

Long-form content is an important component of thought leadership. LinkedIn has 700+ million users, and less than one percent have published using the tool. Creating content there is one way to stand out among the noise. It’s also a great way to highlight your expertise. If you’re stumped, start by just reposting content that’s been successful elsewhere (such as your blog). 

3. Get featured on Pulse

Once you’re comfortable writing and posting on LinkedIn, your goal should be getting featured on their Pulse content platform, where they highlight the very best content posted on LinkedIn. There are several categories readers can choose from, including “Productivity”, “Big Ideas and Innovation”, and many more. Realistically, not many posts are going to be highlighted so you need to bring your A-game. If there’s a content item you’re particularly proud of, try tweeeting the LinkedIn Editorial team (@LinkedInEditors) to let them know you created something that should be considered. If your law firm’s content is truly valuable (not salesy but informational), they are likely to feature it. 

4. Be consistent

One article a week is not going to cut it, and you can’t just send LinkedIn connection requests on random days when you think of it. Here’s where the “thoughtful” part of your strategy comes in. Develop an intentional plan and then stick to it. Include times to publish articles, time to make connections, to interact with groups, etc. These are all avenues you can take toward growing your law firm’s LinkedIn followers.

5. Add a LinkedIn “Follow” button to your website

You want people to easily find and connect with you on LinkedIn, and this makes that possible. Consider adding this at the footer of your website where it will be present across all pages of your site. Note: buttons like these can affect loading times, so it’s best not to add near the top of a page.

6. Add a page link to your email signature

Here’s another “set it and forget it” tip that can help your law firm attract more LinkedIn followers. Edit your work email signature to include a link directing recipients toward your law firm’s LinkedIn Page, and encourage them to give it a follow. If you’re corresponding with someone professionally, there’s a good chance your Page will interest them.

7. Leverage LinkedIn groups – join and share

LinkedIn groups remain the best way to expand industry knowledge, make connections, or get ahead in your legal career. Sharing valuable content and perspective within groups can help you effectively broaden your firm law firm’s presence and attract followers. Keep a high profile in your professional network by finding and joining the right groups. Launch your own discussions or contribute to those already happening. The key is to add value and be engaging. If you do those things, people from the group will click on your profile to learn more about you. Don’t be self-promotional in groups.

8. Analyze your LinkedIn analytics and optimize your content for maximum traffic

LinkedIn metrics offer insight into how content is performing. Make sure to check these regularly (make this process part of the plan you establish in tactic 4!) and then make changes to content accordingly. 

9. Use 3 relevant hashtags in each post

Hashtags are becoming increasingly important across social media in general. People expect to see them and know how to use them (to find content on topics that interest them). Adding trending hashtags can help your content to be found, and keeping a consistent firm-related hashtag across any posts will create more of a brand presence on LinkedIn. Remember to keep them focused, readable, and related to your industry.

10. Re-buffer your top content

Buffer is a tool that helps brands to tell their story on social media. If you have a content piece that’s performing well on LinkedIn, consider posting it on Buffer to reach a wider audience. 


The advantages of a large following are innumerable and no matter where your law firm’s LinkedIn Page currently stands, there are almost always opportunities for further growth and expansion. Doing so requires a well-planned strategy, however. Leverage these tactics when you use the platform to grow your law firm’s LinkedIn Page followers quickly.

If you’re developing a strategy around getting your message out to more people on LinkedIn, we can help. Visit our social media services to learn more about how we help firms like yours generate real business results using social media.

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