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5 LinkedIn Accounts of Law Firms Doing It Right

by Kevin Vermeulen • November 23rd, 2022 • Social Media | Blog

LinkedIn remains one of the top platforms for law firms. It is the #1 professional networking site, so it’s the perfect platform for those looking to establish their firm as an industry leader. LinkedIn has a robust set of features, including advertising capabilities,law firm linkedin account examples newsletters, online event hosting, image and video functionality, and more. So, how can law firms leverage such an amazing platform to its fullest extent? This past year we’ve studied and ranked America’s top 200 law firms (as ranked by the American Lawyer) on their usage and adoption of social media to extend thought leadership messaging in our annual whitepaper- The Social Law Firm Index. In this post, we’re taking a look at 5 law firm LinkedIn account examples from those that are doing it right.

1. Baker McKenzie

Baker McKenzie utilizes a wealth of LinkedIn-unique features to promote their firm, such as document posts, online events, and affiliate pages. Every post Baker McKenzie shares features strong visuals that are in-line with firm branding, including videos, images, document posts, or link previews. Above all else, their content aims to not only educate users but also showcase their firm culture and the values most important to them. Baker McKenzie is always leveraging new and exciting tactics, such as their use of document posts to post slides of their initiative, Chambers Year-End Summary.

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law firm linkedin2. DLA Piper

DLA Piper’s focus on LinkedIn remains on the education of its audience. They use their LinkedIn page to share helpful articles on legal topics relevant to that audience. Better yet, each post is partnered with a strong and eye-catching visual that remains professional, but also breathes some life into LinkedIn feeds that may all too often be filled with text. DLA Piper does include promotional content highlighting their firm’s successes at an acceptable rate. But interestingly enough, when they are sharing their successes, the firm often accompanies the news with images of their lawyers- a very humanizing approach to service promotion.

3. Hogan Lovells

Hogan Lovells leverages affiliate pages to market to different audiences based on location, while also continuing to actively post on their main firm page, as well. One of their strengths is leveraging video or document posts to share a wealth of information in a more compact and biteable format. For example, when sharing their 2022 Responsible Business Report, they also include a document post version of the report for easy viewing on LinkedIn.

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4. White & Caselaw firm linkedin

White & Case leverages every aspect of LinkedIn to connect with its audience. Notably, they’ve included a ‘Life at White & Case’ section on their company page to help showcase their firm culture and humanize their efforts. White & Case make their values clear by commemorating special months, such as Native American Heritage Month. Finally, White & Case is no stranger to leveraging video on LinkedIn to promote webinars and other lead magnets.

5. Norton Rose Fulbright

Norton Rose Fulbright’s use of strong images and cohesive branding lends to its credibility and professionalism on LinkedIn. The firm understands the importance of leveraging employee advocacy to help improve engagement online. Norton Rose Fulbright also regularly posts videos and images of their associates to create a strong presence online and humanize their firm.

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LinkedIn remains one of the best platforms for legal social media marketing. These law firm LinkedIn account examples showcase what LinkedIn success may look like, and how law firms can leverage all of LinkedIn’s features to connect with their audience. 

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