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How to Get More Email Subscribers for Your Law Firm Newsletter

by Kevin Vermeulen • September 20th, 2017 • Content Marketing | Blog

How To Get More Email Subscribers For Your Law Firm NewsletterDid you know that your email marketing list goes down in value by roughly 22% each year? Some subscribers opt-out of your list. Contacts change their email addresses without you knowing. Others just abandon the email address they use exclusively for filling out website forms. All of this becomes a problem if you’re trying to build a solid email database for your law firm.

Over and over again, marketers hear the phrase “the money is in the list.” On some level, this is accurate. But, there’s an important word missing from that phrase, and that’s “quality.” The money is in the quality of the list. Quality always trumps quantity. You may have a thousand contacts right now, but if your actual target market only makes up a quarter of that number, that list isn’t worth very much.

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As an email marketer, it’s your job to ensure your email database is regularly updated with fresh new leads who want to hear from you and your law firm. Consistently adding new contacts is an essential part of maintaining your list.

So, how can you generate more email subscribers? Following are some surefire techniques to help you get more signups.

Content is King

Above all, you need to keep in mind the power of relevant, informative content. You can have the best email marketing strategy, or follow the techniques below, but if you don’t have quality content to share with your audience, nothing can make up for that. Regardless of your marketing or campaign strategy, providing quality content should be your number one priority.

Use Popups and Popup Bars

You might think popups are a bad thing. The reason you see popups on so many websites, though, is that they work. If used correctly, popups can help tremendously with building your email list. They’re only annoying if you bombard your website visitors with them. The key is not to overuse them.

Start with something less aggressive such as a popup bar, also known as a hello bar, on the top or bottom of your website. There are tons of plugins available for different platforms that will create them automatically. There are many WordPress popup and hello bar plugins available for free. Try one and see how it works.

Use Power Words

Successful marketers use specific words that trigger a feeling or an action in readers. Five of the most persuasive words in the English language are: free, because, new, you, and instantly. Using any of these powerful words can naturally persuade readers to stop what they’re doing and respond to what you are telling them to do. Use power words in your email subject lines, article headlines, headings, and calls-to-action.

Make It Easy to Enter Their Email Address

These days, most sites use pre-filled subscription forms. This is a good practice to follow.

Aside from the pre-filled form, include instructions to make it even easier for your visitors to subscribe. A simple “Enter your email address here” can make a ton of difference.

Your goal is to make the process as convenient and effortless as possible for your potential leads. When the process is quick and clear, you’ll have a much higher success rate. Again, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to incorporate this into your website. WordPress plugins can do it for you.

Ask Subscribers to Share Your Emails with Others

This technique is like the digital version of “word of mouth.” Encourage the people in your database to forward your emails to their family and friends by adding an “Email to a Friend” button to your emails. Add a “Subscribe” call-to-action at the bottom of your emails so those who receive the forwarded emails can conveniently subscribe.

Revive Old Email Database with a New Opt-in Strategy

If you have old email lists, you can bring them back to life with a fresh, engaging opt-in message. Encourage readers to re-opt-in, and provide reasons why your emails should be important to them.

You may also promise to remove the contacts who don’t respond to your new opt-in campaign. It may sound counterintuitive, but this strategy will clean up your database. Again, quality over quantity.

You want to focus and find the people that respond to your campaigns. They are the ones who’ll likely forward and share your emails with others.

Use Social Media to Broaden Your Reach

Run a contest on your Facebook Page. Promote offers through your Twitter and Instagram accounts. Make sure to require an email address submission from everyone who wants to participate.

Also, make certain that the landing pages on your website have social sharing buttons to encourage your visitors to share your content with others.

Collect Email Addresses at Offline Events

During business conferences and trade shows, gather addresses from the attendees. You can import them into your email database when you get back to the office. Before sending them your weekly newsletter, though, make sure to send a welcome email first. Sending them a welcome is a polite way to confirm that they’re opting into your list.

Email subscribers are an essential ingredient for a successful marketing campaign. Email has always proven to be, and still is, one of the most effective marketing methods available. Take the time to create a marketing strategy that focuses on building a quality email contact list and your law firm will see better returns, guaranteed.

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