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Legal Marketing Tools: Enterprise Email Platforms for Law Firms

by Good2bSocial • September 29th, 2017 • Digital Marketing | Blog

Email platforms for law firmsEmail marketing tools Concep, Vuture, and Tikit, go beyond the basics of email which appeals to large law firms with a variety of needs.

While it’s certainly not new, email marketing is still important. It remains an effective way of generating leads, building credibility, and strengthening relationships with clients through any device. Over 90% of professionals like to receive emails from companies they do business with. Of course keep in mind that weekly or monthly newsletters shouldn’t be merely promotional, but rather offer valuable information for your audience.

But how can law firms reach the right audience at the right time? The following email marketing tools are geared toward large law firms with existing CRM systems and needs that range from building forms to tracking email analytics. Here we compare and contrast the features of Concep, Vuture, and Tikit to make it easier to decipher which tool may be the best for your firm’s needs.


Concep facilitates the process of sending out newsletters and client alerts. It allows the recipients on your email lists to customize and control the content they receive. In both content and email marketing it can be challenging to ensure that your message is being heard by those who are receptive and interested. Concep’s client customization feature helps you to do this and eliminates a lot of audience frustration over irrelevant emails.

Beyond email marketing capabilities, Concep can build custom microsites and landing pages as well as enterprise mobile apps. These apps can be used for mobile information access, communication hubs, and event management tools both internally and externally for your law firm. They also place a large importance on the consultancy component of their services.

Concep offers data analysis, digital strategy, and account management for law firms who want to measure and improve upon their marketing strategies. Concep can be used in tangent with several CRM systems like OnePlace, MS Dynamic, Salesforce, and InterAction.

Companies that use this tool: Hogan Lovells and Ernst & Young


More than 40% of AmLaw 200 firms use Vuture which also specializes in email marketing, but expands its capabilities to website content management as well. They also have tools to build forms and surveys for your clients. With Vuture, your law firm will be able to access email metrics and website analytics. If your firm still uses more traditional forms of marketing, Vuture may be a good choice for their print marketing services. Vuture can be integrated with many CRM systems including InterAction.

Companies that use Vuture: Cozen O’Connor and Dechert


Tikit is one of the largest providers of technology solutions in the world and many of their clients are within the legal sector. A law firm should use Tikit if they desire an all in one marketing and management system for websites, proposals, social media, and email campaigns. In addition to integration with InterAction Tikit also has their own CRM system which you can choose to use. Other capabilities include legal practice management solutions like  document management and time tracking.

Similar to Concep, Tikit also works with firms to train and consult them on best marketing practices in each of the many areas they specialize in.

Companies that use Tikit: 60+ AmLaw 200 firms


Larger law firms have greater needs than marketing tools that focus strictly on sending weekly emails to clients on your list. While Concep, Vuture, and Tikit all share similarities like CRM integration, they each have differing capabilities that may be useful to your company in a new way.

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