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How to Stay Top of Mind With Your Clients and Prospects

by Tim Baran • April 17th, 2017 • Content Marketing | Blog

How lawyers stay top of mindHow often does someone need legal help? Hopefully, for them, not often. When they do, you want to be the lawyer they call.

In order to do that, you need to stay top of mind. As with all marketing efforts, it starts with content. Here, then, is a content roadmap to stay top of mind for when someone needs to make that call.


As we’ve preached about written, blogging is the center of your content strategy. This is where you produce content related to your niche practice that is useful for your clients and prospects.

A super easy and meaningful way to create an editorial calendar for your blog is to make a list of questions your clients ask, and the answer to each question becomes a blog post. Remember: your content needs to be more about solving your client’s problem than promoting what you do. 


Now it’s time to share your content and connect with your network. Where are your current and potential clients hanging out? LinkedIn? Facebook? Twitter? Snapchat?

You should be on the big three – Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Use a tool like Buffer to schedule your posts and log on a couple of times a day as you find the time to engage and share posts from others in your network. 

Consider an occasional $50 boost for posts that are resonant, especially for your gated content (see below). This allows you to finely target your audience and get on their radar. 


This is the not-so-secret sauce for keeping top of mind. Send out a weekly or monthly newsletter. A sweet spot for some is every other week. Studies show that the middle of the week – Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, are the best days to send an email. Pick one day, say Wednesday, and send an email newsletter every other Wednesday. However, don’t be constrained by “best day of the week” studies. Know your audience. The best email send day could be Sunday for your niche.

Include links to blog posts in the newsletter. Add a few curated links from trusted sources. There’s no better way to keep top of mind that in someone’s inbox. 

Gated content

How do you provide valuable content and grow your email list for your newsletter at the same time? By putting on webinars and producing e-books and other pieces of content that require an email to download. Those email addresses are added to your email marketing software. 

How many times have you discovered someone in your network hired another lawyer for the services you provide? It’s a tale I hear from many lawyers who failed to stay top of mind. Use the content roadmap provided here to be the person someone remembers to call when they need legal help. 

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