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A Guide to Posting on Threads

by Kevin Vermeulen • August 22nd, 2023 • Content Marketing, Social Media | Blog

Guide to Posting on ThreadsThreads is the latest social media app to gain popularity, and since its creation many law firms have joined the app. However, many still wonder what they should post on the app and what type of content will perform best. 

Post Ideas For Law Firms On Threads

1. Ask a Question

The best way to build a community on Threads is to start conversations. The easiest way to start a conversation and prompt a response is to ask a thought-provoking question. Try to focus on your client personas and ask yourself what challenges they have and what questions they may be asking or something they’d like to be asked to them.

2. Share Advice

Often, users going to social media to search for law firms are looking for legal advice or answers to their questions. Just as you should pose your own questions, you should also proactively answer others as well. Give quick legal advice tips on Threads.

3. Post a Series

Similar to Twitter, Threads allows for a ‘reply’ on your posts, allowing you to easily link several posts together. You can create a series of posts all linked together so you can expand on topics easily. Just make sure to dictate each post with a number. (Hint: you can even repurpose blog content into this format)

4. Create Infographics

Threads allows for a variety of image sizes and the posting of multiple images. You can create an infographic on one image or even create a series of images that inform on a given topic. Try leveraging a tool like Canva to design them. The maximum image display for Threads is 1070 x 1424 pixels.

5. Share Videos

Just like images, you can share a variety of video sizes on Threads too. You can even repurpose Instagram Reels-sized videos for Threads. Just make sure to keep the videos informative in nature, but still casual, short, and biteable so they fit in with the Threads audience and brand.

6. Include a Resource

While Threads is a more casual platform than LinkedIn, it’s still a social media platform that users go to when they want to be informed, and most users seeking out Threads accounts affiliated with a law firm or lawyer also want valuable information. Share links to resources you’ve created like ebooks or webinars, or share other relevant resources you’ve found with your audience. Just always include an explanation as to what the resource is and a call to action prompting them to check it out.

7. Share Personal Anecdotes

It’s likely that you have case studies on your website that prove your expertise with action. While posting a case study in its original format may be too self promotional for the Threads audience, you can still offer tidbits from these cases on Threads. Consider leveraging the series technique to tell longer stories. Just make sure anecdotes wrap into a larger conversation you’re trying to be in.

8. Repost or Quote

Like Twitter, Threads offers two reshare options- repost and quote. Repost is a regular reshare and quote is a type of reshare where you add your own comment. These features are great because it’s an easy way to get more content on your feed without having to come up with your own post.

9. Industry News

Threads intention was to become the new ‘virtual town square’. This means Threads is an app for users to learn news. Keep up to date with any industry news and share it with your audience.

10. Share a Scroll-Stopping Take

Share a take that entices users to stop scrolling or even join in on a conversation. This can be something like an interesting statistic or a hot take you have on something relevant to your industry.


Threads has continued to grow in popularity since its creation in July. As early adopters often garner more of a following, law firms will do well to create a Threads account. Use these ideas to help you get started with posting on Threads, but don’t be afraid to get creative and explore other ideas, as Threads is a new app.

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