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Good2bSocial’s eBooks cover topics related to digital marketing, such as search engine optimization, social media and content marketing.

A Law Firm Guide to Digital Marketing Analytics

Want to improve your firm’s marketing efforts, beat out your competitors, and convert more clients? Your solutions lie in the data.

The Law Firm Guide to Podcasting eBook

Want to start a successful podcast that will generate leads for your law firm? Learn everything you need to know in this comprehensive eBook.

Law Firm Guide to LinkedIn Advertising

Discover how you can use LinkedIn Ads to generate leads and grow your practice. With the right approach, LinkedIn advertising offers plenty of opportunities to connect with the right audience and grow your law practice. 

SEO for Law Firm Websites

Whether your firm is looking to get started with an SEO strategy, or would like to enhance its existing strategy, this ebook will give you the information you need to optimize your law firm’s website for search engines and increase its visibility.

Advanced Social Media Strategies for Law Firms

Go beyond the fundamentals of social media marketing. Learn advanced strategies to help your firm achieve a meaningful return on investment on its social media efforts.

The Law Firm Guide to Content Marketing

Our goal with content marketing is to strike a balance between communicating clearly what you want to get across and creating content that’s important to your audience. If your law firm struggles with content marketing, start with this guide to help.