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How to Boost the Performance of Law Firm Blog Posts

by Noreen Fishman • October 5th, 2021 • Blogs and Microsites | Blog

When it comes to content, there’s no such thing as too much traffic or too many leads. Chances are, you’d love for your law firm blog to get more attention. The more you can leverage content in your marketing mix, the better. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many leads. Maximize your legal marketing content efforts with these tips: 


Answer specific questions


A good habit is to always perform a search of questions related to the keywords you’re focusing on for your law firm blog. Particularly when it comes to legal queries, searchers tend to have particular questions or be looking online to solve a certain problem. Find out what the popular questions are that you can answer with your content. Referring to actual questions is great for SEO and for reader engagement, and it also makes your law firm blog content better optimized for voice search. Furthermore, for content creators who provide valuable answers to niche questions, Google has added structured markup that can help them stand out in search. You can implement FAQ schema on your page by answering two or more questions (typically in a space underneath your article content). To find the right questions, try the following: 

  1. Use the “People also ask” feature of Google. This element shows related questions and their answers. This information is likely to show up for the majority of searches and will give you a good idea of searchers’ ideas and intent. Take note of the top questions that pop up for your search and include them with your original content. 
  2. Try the Text Optimizer tool. This software offers features that allow users to research semantically relevant questions for various search queries. It will help you to get a high level idea of all possible questions for any topic. 
  3. Research on Ahrefs. This tool has a section where you can see any search queries that are phrased as a question. You can then filter these questions by keyword modifiers. 
  4. Check Quora. Quora is a discussion site where real people can ask questions on any topic. When searching for questions, try looking on Quora and see what you find. You’ll be able to look for the most popular searches in your subject area and keep a record of the thread. Then you can even participate in discussions once your content is live. 


Incorporate video


Videos are a huge part of today’s content marketing and can go a long way toward boosting engagement for your law firm blog. Video is the main form of content consumed on social media, but it’s effective in any medium. This form of content has gotten easier to create too. You can record yourself on Zoom or other software, or turn regular text content into videos using tools like Invideo. You should try to create at least short video content to share on social media any time you publish something new. Videos receive extra exposure in search on several channels and encourage more clicks than links alone. 


Mix up your content Calls to Action (CTA’s)


Attracting more readers to your law firm blog is a goal in itself – but why do you want the traffic? Typically you want those people to do something else after they view your content. Other than just “contact us”, add various calls-to-action for the following: 

  1. Share the article to get more clicks (include social sharing buttons)
  2. Opt-in to email newsletter (add an email sign-up form)
  3. Come back at another time in the future (incorporate web notifications so readers can see when you publish something new)
  4. Register for an upcoming event (link to event landing pages or micro-sites)
  5. Follow your firm on social (with social media icons)


You don’t want people to get confused when reading your law firm blog, so choose one CTA and be clear about it. You can use heatmaps to better understand viewer’s conversion paths for more insight. 




The most important thing you can do to get more traction with your law firm blog is to create truly valuable and useful content. However, in an era of information overload, even that isn’t enough. You need to promote your material and make a proactive effort to get more traffic.

Use these tactics when you develop content, and contact us if you need help driving real results from your content marketing efforts.



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