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7 Effective Ways Law Firms Can Gain Followers on Threads

by Guy Alvarez • September 7th, 2023 • Social Media | Blog

Threads is the latest hot app, and companies are finding a lot of value in creating a following there. Created by Instagram, Threads is a platform that allows users to share text updates and join public conversations. It’s gotten millions of downloads since its release, and smart legal marketers are looking for ways to make the most impact using the technology. Ready to use Threads to increase your brand awareness? Here are 7 effective ways law firms can gain followers on Threads.

7 Ways to Build a Following on Threads:

1. Post Often

Just like with most social media, consistency is key. If you only post once in a while, people are unlikely to take more of an interest in your firm. By consistently sharing interesting content, you’ll attract new visitors and generate interest from people curious about your subject matter. This is particularly true in your first month on the platform – it’s essential to post several times to generate initial interest. Some experts even say to post multiple times a day – but only content that actually offers value to your audience. 

2. Connect with other usersFollowers on Threads

It’s important to start building connections as soon as possible. Begin by following other users who align with your interests or may share an audience with you. Comment, ask questions, and share insights that are actually helpful. Take the time to participate in conversations in good faith, establish a presence, and encourage people to follow you back. 

3. Make sure Instagram is linked

Threads is connected to Instagram, so integrating the two platforms can help you. Connect your Instagram account and leverage the following you already have to build one on Threads. When Instagram followers find out you’re on Threads, they’re more likely to follow you there too – so be sure to spread the word on Instagram that you’re now active on Threads as well. 

4. Create interesting content

It’s true on all social media platforms (not just Threads) that posting valuable content is the best way to generate a following. When it comes to Threads, focus on creating posts that entertain, educate, or inspire your audience. In the legal world, that probably looks like interesting anecdotes, answering common questions, addressing timely challenges (like tax season topics), etc. Truly engaging content is more likely to be shared, which makes you more visible and more likely to create a larger following. 

5. Don’t buy followers

When you’re starting out, you might be tempted to buy a following. However, just like with other social platforms, that’s a bad idea. Creating a genuine following requires time and effort, and there’s really not a shortcut. If you buy followers on Threads, it will throw off your analytics and then you won’t have as much insight into what is resonating with people and how to garner more attention. It will do more harm than good over the long-term.

6. Use the right types of content

So what should you be posting with all of this activity? A mix of material is likely to be most effective, and we suggest you focus on:

    1. Question posts – ask a question and encourage some dialogue.
    2. Animated gifs – these are quick ways to share some personality and have a little fun.
    3. Quotes – snippets from blogs, testimonials, or insightful remarks from experts.
    4. Tips or lists – helpful how-tos or other tactical advice is always appreciated.
    5. Stories or experiences – anecdotes that people can relate to or responding to user questions.
    6. Announcements – share information on new staff, events, charitable contributions, etc.

7. Engage with other threads

It’s important to go beyond just connecting with other users, and engage with their threads regularly. Like threads, reply to them, repost interesting threads or share them. Comment, participate in contests, etc. The more you can do to be visible to a wider audience, the better. 


Threads has the potential to be a powerful brand recognition tool and a way to generate a larger following. However, it’s best to do so organically and thoughtfully. Buying followers is never the way – instead, craft a consistent and helpful approach to Threads and engage with other users in ways that offer value. For the first month, post as much as you can while focusing on relevancy and insightfulness. From there, be consistent. You’ll get the hang of it and build a following other firms will envy! If you need some help getting started, talk to our social media strategy team.


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