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Threads for Law Firms: Your Most Pressing Questions Answered

by Kevin Vermeulen • July 12th, 2023 • Social Media | Blog

On July 3, a new app called Threads appeared on the App Store with a release date of July 6 being planned. Threads is a new social media platform developed by Meta, Facebook and Instagram’s parent company, which is being positioned as an alternative to Twitter.

As many law firms start to learn about Threads, they may be wondering whether or not they experiment with the platform. And in turn, law firms who are on the brink of dropping their Twitter strategy are looking to Threads to see if it could become a replacement for the type of content Twitter is known for. 

Backed by an almost $800 billion dollar company like Meta, it’s clear that law firms can trust that Threads is on the right trajectory.

But just what exactly is Threads like? And should law firms give the platform a go? We break it down in this post:

What Is Threads?

Threads is a platform “…built by Instagram. Threads is positioned as an app where people can have real-time, public conversations with one another.” 

Over the past several months, many Twitter users have been disgruntled by the numerous changes happening to Twitter under its new leadership. In fact, Twitter has frequently fallen below its weekly sales forecasts, at times even as low as 30%. Many platforms have tried to emerge to replace Twitter, but none have been successful. However, this new Meta-backed app is promising, given the power and trust held by a company as large and well-known as Meta.

Threads looks to replace Twitter, once known as the online ‘public town square’ where users could easily swap information, ideas, and news.

As of July 10th, Threads already has 100 million accounts, and many top brands have started joining, including DLA Piper, White & Case, and Cooley. And it’s no wonder so many are hopping on Threads, as users already on Instagram can easily create an account using their existing account/ data.

Threads Features

So what features does Threads have, and how is it different from Twitter?

The good news is, Threads is in its very early days, and they plan on adding more and more features moving forward. However, as of right now, Threads offers these features:

  • Users with Instagram will automatically gain their Instagram following on their new Threads account, so building a following is easy.
  • Posts can be up to 500 characters long.
  • Videos can be up to 5 minutes long.
  • Threads has built-in tools to enable productive conversations. Users can control who mentions or replies to them.
  • Safety is taken seriously, and Threads will enforce Instagram’s community guidelines.

Even with a robust set of features allowing Threads to remain competitive against Twitter, the platform still has some key differences from Twitter:

  • The platform only features one feed rather than a ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ feed
  • You cannot caption alt text yet on the platform
  • Shockingly the platform features no hashtag search functionality at the moment
  • The platform has no web version, only mobile.
  • Twitter allows edit options for paid users, however, Threads offers no edit options at the moment

Although Threads differ in some ways from Twitter, many users are happy with these differences, viewing them as positive compared to changes recently made at Twitter that they disagreed with.

What Does This Mean for Law Firms?

As this platform emerges, the risks of hopping on it are slim to none. With backing from Meta and the creation team being Instagram’s,  the platform is guaranteed to take privacy and safety seriously.

Furthermore, the ease of connection between Instagram and Threads makes the setup easy. Those looking to try Threads don’t have to worry about organically building a following as their Instagram following automatically attaches itself to their Threads account. 

Already many in the legal sphere are quickly hopping on the app. Top legal publications like JD Supra,, American Bar Association, Above the Law, and Lexblog have joined. And 25 of the Amlaw 200 firms are already on Threads. 

Threads has quickly gained popularity amongst lawyers, smaller firms and solo practitioners, particularly those in the personal injury, family law, and tech spaces. 

Overall, Threads is a good choice for law firms and lawyers looking to position themselves as thought leaders, share legal industry news, and share text-heavy content, similar to how Twitter has been used in the past.

Concerns to Keep in Mind

Luckily, law firms do not have to worry about privacy and safety concerns when it comes to joining Threads. Since the platform is backed by Meta, Threads does not suffer from the typical privacy issues that young social media platforms often face.

And with Instagram’s team covering its creation and maintenance, law firms can be sure that the team knows how to run a social media app. However, a key concern that law firms should keep in mind is that if they do ever decide they want to delete Threads, they may want to think twice. Although it’s great that Threads and Instagram are connected, this now means that if users delete one account, the other will be deleted as well. So, if you decide to delete your Threads account after impulsively making one, then your Instagram will go with it.

Another cause of concern is how publicly Threads is about its competition with Twitter. Tensions are high between Twitter and Threads, as well as their CEOs Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. So, many are speculating that lawsuits are potentially on the horizon.

Furthermore, as Threads is such a young app, there isn’t much research yet on what demographics are using it. Law firms should pay close attention to how the Threads user base evolves, as they may need to alter their strategy if user demographics aren’t aligning well with their target audience.

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So the question remains: should law firms join Threads? The answer is yes. There are not many negatives to joining Threads at the moment, and with its backing by Meta/ the Instagram team, law firms can be sure that creating an account won’t actively harm them.

As more and more information comes out about Threads, be sure to follow our blog for the latest news and insights on building a successful Threads strategy.

Are you looking to join the platform but aren’t sure how to fit Threads into your social media strategy? We can help. Over the years we’ve helped countless firms adjust their social media strategies to better fit their needs and current trends. Contact us today for a free consultation to get started. 


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