Optimizing Your Law Firm's LinkedIn AdsLinkedIn is by far the most popular social media platform for both law firms and individual lawyers (ABA). And over the years, we’re seeing more and more law firms advertising on the platform. In fact, in 2019, 30% of Am200 law firms were using LinkedIn advertising, which is a significant increase from only 10% just a year ago (2019 Social Law Firm Index). 

As more and more law firms leverage LinkedIn advertising, knowing how to run successful campaigns is becoming exceedingly important for law firm marketers. Whether you’re launching a new campaign or you want to see better results with your current one, keep the following optimization techniques in mind.

1. Don’t give up on the ad, swap in new creative instead:

If you notice an ad is performing poorly, try swapping out the image rather than pulling it down entirely.  Bright colors, high contrast and easily identifiable photos tend to work best. Remember, videos tend to outperform static image ads, so if you have the resources to use video instead – we recommend doing so. Check out easy to use platforms like Canva or Biteable to craft your video creations.

2. Use targeting in the ad titles:

If you’re creating an ad for a specific industry or job title, mention it directly in the ad. Not only is this attention-grabbing, but it helps make sure that the wrong people keep scrolling and don’t click, which will waste your marketing budget!

3. Use bold headlines supported by detailed descriptions:

The first thing people are going to notice on your law firm’s LinkedIn ad is its headline. Make sure it stands out and grabs your audience’s attention. You also need to make sure that bold headline is backed up by a description that tells your audience a little more about your offer. Try A/B testing these components often. We suggest always having two versions of an ad running so you can compare and optimize. Simply run the same ad, with 2 different headlines. 

4. Low impressions might mean you’re not bidding high enough:

LinkedIn can be difficult to earn impressions on. This is very dependent on the audience you’re going after. Typically, it’s more expensive to reach decision makers on the platform. So if you notice you’re having trouble achieving a meaningful number of impressions, try increasing your bid in small increments.

5. Target groups to reach a more qualified audience:

Another way you can optimize your law firm’s LinkedIn ads is by changing up the targeting strategy. Since users join groups based on expertise, industry, and interests, advertising within niche groups can be a great way to gain exposure to your target audience. LinkedIn’s platform offers powerful ways to target these groups when creating campaigns.

6. Ensure your landing pages are optimized:

Maybe you don’t need to optimize your law firm’s LinkedIn ad, but rather your campaign landing page. Sometimes performance is impacted by what’s happening after the ad is delivered. For conversion goal campaigns, if you notice that website visits are high but conversions are low, you might have a problem with your landing page. Take care to follow best practices for creating effective landing pages if they will be linked to from your firm’s LinkedIn ad.


Even the most powerful tools can lead to disappointing results if you don’t have the right foundation in place. LinkedIn offers highly targeted advertising, along with access to specific groups and plenty of options for finding your ideal audience. Implement these 6 techniques to optimize your law firm’s LinkedIn ads and campaigns.

We know that running advertising campaigns on LinkedIn presents some unique challenges – we are in the platform day in and day out running campaigns for our clients. If you need assistance with your campaign and strategy, reach out to us today.

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