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How To Build Credible Backlinks Through Guest Blogging

by Noreen Fishman • August 15th, 2023 • Blogs and Microsites, SEO | Blog

blogging for lawyersWhen it comes to blogging, many lawyers and legal marketers focus most of their time on creating quality content for their own website. While this is an important aspect to any content marketing strategy, it’s also important that law firms look for opportunities for guest blogging on others’ sites. Guest blogging is the act of writing content that will be published on someone else’s website. You may be wondering why anyone would ever choose to do this. Well, guest blogging is a highly valuable tactic, as it enables law firms to acquire more credible backlinks. And as backlinking has been proven to be one of the most important ranking factors by Google, this is a surefire way to help improve your rankings in search engines and your overall SEO

How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

Do a Google Search

The simplest and most straightforward way is to simply use Google. Execute searches where you plugin a keyword and phrases like ‘write for us’, ‘guest post guidelines’, or ‘contribute’. This will lead you to sites that advertise their guest blogging opportunities. To identify sites that don’t advertise it but are still open to guest blogging, look up your keyword with phrases like ‘this is a guest post by’, ‘guest column/post’, or ‘contributing writer/author’.

Industry Groups

Join industry groups on social media and see if there are any site owners posting about guest blogging opportunities. You can also create your own post advertising that you’re looking for opportunities to contribute guest blogs.

Influencer Method

Is there an influencer in your niche who seems to have an active blog and blogs for others? Peruse their website/ social media and see what sites they’ve blogged for. Then, reach out to the sites that are relevant to you too.

Look Up Competitor Backlinks

Using a tool like Semrush, take a look at what backlinks your competitors have. This is a simple way to find a list of relevant websites you can reach out to.

Use Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo offers a tool where you can look up guest blogging opportunities. Start by logging into Buzzsumo. Then, go to ‘Content Type’ and check only ‘Guest Posts’. Then, type in your keyword. Buzzsumo will then show you relevant articles that are guest blogs; from there you can create a list of sites to go to.

Before You Start Guest Blogging 

It’s important to understand the right way to approach people and the wrong way. While publishers understand that you’re reaching out for your own benefit, they also want to feel as though there’s something in it for them too.

If you approach guest blogging simply with the intention of building backlinks, then you won’t be successful. Follow these steps when preparing to reach out to prospects:

  1. Prove it With Action – If you’ve ever been published on any other site besides your own,  you should share this with the prospects you reach out too. Also, include some links to content you’ve written on your own site that aligns with their content.
  2. Don’t Show Up Empty Handed – It’s important that you have an idea of what you could blog about for this site. Share the title of your proposed blog, how it’ll fit into their existing content, and any other specific ideas you have for the blog.
  3. Have a Brand – You should always have your brand in mind. Make sure the site owners you reach out to have a brand that fits in well with your own brand. As a marketer, there’s nothing worse than getting a proposition from someone whose brand just simply does not align with your own.
  4. Know Where to Reach Them – The best form of communication is usually email. But if a prospect is warmer, consider giving them a call. Or, if you’ve interacted with this person before on social media, consider messaging them on LinkedIn.

How to Find Contact Info

As we mentioned you can reach out to sites in a number of ways. Here’s how to handle each approach:

  • Email: To find email addresses, look to the Teams page of their website and see if you can locate emails there. Or use a tool like Interstellar or AnyMailFinder to find email addresses.
  • Phone: You may be able to find a phone number on the Teams page of websites, but most companies also have a toll free number you can call. 
  • Social Media: LinkedIn is probably your best bet if you’d like to reach out via social. If you’re not already connected, make sure to send a connection invite with a clear message about why you’d like to connect. You don’t have to bring up blogging in this first message but it’s important the user understands why you’re a relevant connection.


Guest blogging has the power to improve search rankings, help you form valuable connections, and position your firm as a thought leader in your industry. Guest blogging is also one of the easiest ways to acquire valuable backlinks, which is an important aspect to SEO.

Not sure how you can tackle blog creation and optimization? We’re happy to help. Our team of experienced writers have helped many law firms create content that ranks well in search engines and showcases their expertise. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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