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4 Things You Must Do Once Your Law Firm’s Webinar is Over

by Talia Schwartz • November 16th, 2020 • Content Marketing | Blog

law firm webinarSo you’ve finished your webinar. After all the build-up of preparing, planning and promoting over the past few weeks, you’re finally ready to kick back and relax a little bit. But wait – there’s more.

Making the most of your webinar means putting in some extra effort after your webcam switches off. Here are 4 must-do things for your law firm’s post-webinar marketing strategy. These steps will ensure that your webinar continues to bring in leads long after it’s over.

4 Things You Must Do Once Your Law Firm’s Webinar is Over

Follow Up Email

Most law firm marketers know this is pretty standard. If you do nothing else, absolutely make sure to send a follow up email to registrants as well as participants. 

Send a thank you to webinar participants with some key short takeaways from the presentation. Thank them for attending and consider linking to something that provides value such as a pdf or eBook. 

For people who registered but missed your law firm’s webinar, you could send them a short summary and a link to the recording. You should also let people know where they can get more information or a transcript.

It’s a good idea to document the Q&A session from the webinar. People might be interested in expanding on that part of the event. In follow up emails, let people know where they can find those FAQs and more information on the topics covered. You can also tease your next webinar with a short video or a blog post, and include a call-to-action to register. 

Analyze Any Feedback You Received

Consider including a short survey at the end of your webinar, and encourage attendees to email with any feedback they had. Analyze any comments, such as how attendees rated the overall webinar. Also, host a debrief with your internal team and discuss what went well and what could be done better for next time. Were there any technical difficulties? Did you allow enough time for questions? One key component of a successful webinar is that people feel their questions were answered and they gained the knowledge they expected to. Did that occur? 

Analyze Webinar Statistics

All of the major webinar providers including Zoom have a dashboard where hosts can view information on their event performance. For example, take a look at statistics such time spent and click-through rate of your registration page, attendee ratio (the people who attended out of everyone who registered), audience retention (how many people stayed vs. dropped off during the presentation), and the results of any online polls you created. You can pull this data prior to your internal debrief for a better discussion. 

Repurpose Your Law Firm’s Webinar

Repurposing your webinar content will ensure you get more bang for your buck. Chances are, your presentation is chock full of valuable and educational material (if it’s not, it doesn’t belong in a webinar!). Make sure you record your webinar every time you host one. 

Then, use the recording for marketing purposes, and archive the recording on your website. Let people know where to find the recordings at their convenience. Distribute the recording to your email list, and especially new subscribers that will be impressed at receiving value right away. You can use the information in your webinar to create other content such as infographics, ebooks, and videos. Finally, you can create a blog on the webinar topic that aligns with the original presentation. Use all of these repurposed materials for new social media posts and LinkedIn thought leadership.

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What you do after the webinar is in many ways as important as the webinar itself. Market your law firm’s webinar properly, give a great presentation, and then be intentional about how you follow up. A smart strategy for reaching invitees and repurposing webinar content will give you a greater return on your webinar efforts.

If you need help in developing a successful webinar strategy or need assistance in promoting a webinar to your target audience reach out to us. We can work with you to ensure your webinars have maximum impact with clients and prospective clients.

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