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10 Ways to Repurpose your Law Firm’s Webinar for Maximum Marketing Impact

by Talia Schwartz • August 31st, 2020 • Content Marketing | Blog

Repurpose your Law Firm’s WebinarYour law firm just hosted a successful webinar – you had great interactions with your attendees, your speakers were compelling and on point, and you’re feeling great. Now what?

Do you archive the webinar and never think about it again? Absolutely not! You’ve just created a ton of valuable content that you can repurpose and make use of in the future.

When you repurpose your law firm’s webinar, you give your audience multiple ways to consume the content and the freedom to consume it whenever is most convenient. Most importantly, repurposing gives you more opportunities to reach a bigger audience, acquire new leads, and connect with prospective clients.

Learn how you can effectively repurpose your law firm’s live webinars into great content for maximum marketing impact.

1. Create blog posts

Ideally your content is already organized into digestible sections and topics, which are ideal for blog posts. Make a transcript of your webinar so that you can easily pull verbiage, and then pick out the topics that seemed to resonate most with your audience. Consider formats like a how-to blog post, a summary of the webinar, an infographic, or a compilation of the best quotes from the presentation. You should be able to get at least one or two blogs this way.

2. Use the Q&A for new content ideas

You can keep track of the questions your audience asked and use them to seed new content. For example, develop an FAQ page for your website or expand on answers given during the webinar with a new blog post. Regardless of what you do with the webinar Q&A (i.e. create a part II to the first webinar), they’re a great source of content.

3. Continue to collaborate with guest speakers

If you worked with a partner on the webinar, ask them to contribute to your blog. Guests can expound on what they covered during the webinar, or write about complementary topics.

4. Create an on-demand gated webinar

This one is obvious, but it’s also a must-do if your law firm spends time and resources hosting webinars. Create a landing page for the webinar recording and make it easy for website visitors to find and watch. The recording should be gated, meaning people can watch the webinar in exchange for their email address and contact information. You can also search for third-party webinar hosting sites where you can increase your reach. 

5. Create social posts

Quotes and key takeaways are perfect for turning into social content. Pull out the most insightful or interesting facts from your webinar and share them on social media with a link to the on-demand webinar recording. You can display quotes in a fun and creative way on social media using Canva.

6. Create an infographic

You’ve likely shared a lot of helpful information and key statistics throughout your law firm’s webinar that you can repurpose. Use the information and research that you have already put together to create an engaging infographic.

7. Write a follow-up email

Plan to email all of your webinar registrants a recording of the event and consider including links to other resources. You can also use key quotes, metrics, poll results, and other webinar highlights to create compelling emails for your entire database.

8. Create a downloadable eBook

This sounds like a lot of work, but if you’ve already held a webinar and created blogs or other materials using the same content, half your work is done. You might create one eBook per webinar topic, or use several webinars’ worth of material to develop a more comprehensive piece. 

9. Transcribe your webinar for powerful SEO

One problem with recorded webinars is that they aren’t digestible by search engines. However, if you create a transcript of your webinar and make some minor tweaks to include long tail keywords, you can substantially help your SEO efforts. Search for inexpensive tools, such as Rev, that can do this work for you, or just upload the video to YouTube and add captions. 

10. Develop short video clips

Some people won’t take the time to watch an hour-long presentation, no matter how interested they are in the topic. Create a highlight reel or a video series featuring the main points, and post them to your law firm’s social channels.

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Smart legal marketers are constantly looking for ways to repurpose their materials to streamline the content creation process. Leveraging your law firm’s past webinars by repurposing them is a great way to work smarter and not harder. Once you’ve put in the work to create a great webinar and drum up attendance, let it keep working for you by using one of these tactics. 

If you need help in developing a successful webinar strategy or need assistance in promoting a webinar to your target audience reach out to us. We can work with you to ensure your webinars are having maximum impact with potential clients.

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