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10 Impactful Ways Lawyers Can Repurpose Videos

by Natalie Moe • November 2nd, 2021 • Digital Marketing | Blog

Video continues to increase in importance every day. In fact, studies done by Animoto reported that 93% of brands have gotten a new customer due to videos on social media, and including the word “video” in email subject lines can increase open rates by 19%. 

In today’s business climate, everyone is trying to do more with less. That means that as you invest in key video content, you should be thinking about ways to make the most of that material. Here are 10 ways to repurpose video content for more impactful law firm marketing. 

1. Edit Into Shorter, More Specific Videos

If you have a really robust brand video, it probably contains different elements. You can chop it up into pieces that provide a firm overview, testimonials, practice information, etc. Use these shorter videos on social media, in email campaigns, or for any number of purposes. 

2. Add Videos to Blogs

You can add relevant videos to current blog posts, or develop new posts to mirror video content. One study found that video can have a huge impact on blog viewership, boosting organic traffic by as much as 250%. 

3. Convert Video to a Podcast

If you take a video and edit the audio out, you essentially have a podcast – an entirely new form of content. You can make one long podcast or split it into several shorter recordings. You can also play shorter clips from videos on different episodes that pertain to complementary subject matter. 

4. Make a Great Presentation

Slideshares are a really valuable way of providing information, and you can use video content to create one (or a PowerPoint deck). These are helpful to have on hand for client proposals or meetings, and can also work for speaker proposals and other times when your expertise or basics about your firm are required. 

5. Integrate Video Into Social Media

Every firm should be using social media to some degree, and video is a great way to boost engagement across platforms. Your followers have a very short attention span, so having a compelling introduction in the first 5 seconds is crucial. The ideal length of the video clip depends on the social media channel, so you can develop a few different versions for Facebook, Twitter, etc. It’s also worth noting that on LinkedIn, video is the most re-shared type of content – so don’t be shy about posting short videos that people will find valuable there. 

6. Include Video in Email Blasts

Including video in email newsletters has been shown to improve open and click-through rates. Consider adding video to relevant email campaigns or your regular newsletters, whether case study information, event presentations, testimonials, etc. 

7. Create an Online Course

If the original video was meaty enough, consider breaking it up into a series that you can offer as an educational course. There are plenty of legal topics that intimidate people. You could offer a lot of value by developing a short video course designed to educate them. 

8. Use On a Landing Page

Landing pages are a crucial component of lead generation. Video makes landing pages more informational and easier to view and navigate. Adding a short video testimonial or case study is a very effective element to add to your practice area landing pages. 

9. Consider a Blooper Reel

If you can spend a few extra minutes getting some less serious footage, it can be a fun way to share more of your firm’s personality. Choose a few humorous clips to share on social media. 

10. Make Sure to Repurpose Testimonials

Any testimonial videos you have should be used in more than one place. Try creating a 30-second cover video for Facebook, placing testimonials on the landing page of the practice they refer to or combining several reviews into a longer promotional video. Testimonial content is also great fodder for paid advertising placements. 


It’s not always easy to produce high-quality videos – but it is an important part of legal marketing in today’s landscape. You can make the most of your investment in videos by repurposing them and planning for additional content. As you build out your video strategy, think of other ways that you’ll use the material for maximum impact. To get some inspiration for other content types, check out our resources page. 


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