How much does your professional bio matter? Turns out, quite a bit. When people secure legal services, they are investing in an individual: in their expertise, knowledge, and ability to solve their problems. A good attorney bio validates your legal prowess and helps people get to know you, long before they pick up the phone to call. In fact, attorney bios account for a large percentage of law firm website traffic, and many in-house counsels rely on attorneywriting an attorney bio bios when researching and hiring outside counsel. But how can you make sure your bio captures your target clients’ attention? Here are 10 tips for writing an attorney bio – one that is engaging, credible, and personable.

1. Know Your Audience

Plan to speak to clients and potential clients. Though other parties such as the media or new hires might look at your bio, the people who you really need to reach are people who affect your bottom line. Make sure you properly research your target audience. 

2. The Intro is Important

Attorney bios should serve as an elevator pitch, convincing prospective clients to pick up the phone and contact you. That means the intro is critical. A great intro will offer a story that encapsulates the attorney’s work and what they accomplish for their clients.

3. Use First Person (but wisely)

Since your bio is about you, and from your perspective, it’s ok to use “I”. At the same time, make sure your messaging relates to your audience and how you can provide value for them. Convey expertise and helpfulness, not just promotional information when writing an attorney bio. 

4. Talk About the Client “Problems” You Solve

You know the legal matters that keep your clients awake at night. Your attorney bio should discuss how you help resolve such challenges and make your clients’ lives easier. Focus on benefits and what differentiates you from other lawyers. Be specific when writing an attorney bio.

5. Be Clear About Your Industry and Practice Area(s)

Since people only scan, make sure your areas of expertise are immediately clear. Recency is important – your latest achievements are more important than where you went to law school. Emphasize case studies and success stories and focus on what you bring to the table. 

6. Include Accolades

Your most compelling sales pitch is a strong review from other people. Pull quotes from case studies, client testimonials, or your Chambers ranking. Reviews from other attorneys you work with also help provide credibility. Just be sure to get permission from the right parties. 

7. Demonstrate vs. Just Telling

You can say that you’re the best lawyer in your niche, but most people say that! Share concrete examples that illustrate why someone should hire you. Let your accomplishments speak for themselves and mention specific clients and case studies if you have permission. 

8. Avoid Legalese

It will not be readily understood by most of your reading audience. Even when your audience consists of other attorneys, simple, direct language is preferred.

9. Share Personality

Remember, law is a relationship business. Adding a bit of personality (while remaining professional) to your bio shows that you are human. Include information about what made you decide to practice law, things you’re passionate about, and why clients like working with you (and why you like working with them).

10. Optimize for SEO

Just like with any content online, you need to keep search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. Bots search and index your bio just like any other web copy. Make sure you use descriptive language based on how your audience searches. Include any geographical information regarding where you practice and include any critical keywords based on research.

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As the most visited pages on law firm websites, it’s critical that attorney bios capture the reader’s attention and anticipate their questions. Too many attorney bios are dry and boring so utilize these tactics for a more compelling and effective description of yourself. When your readers come to your bio to confirm your competence, they will find something memorable that has the best chance of getting you a meeting where you can demonstrate those elements in person. You should also consider adding a video to complement your bio!

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This post has been edited and republished from Oct. 26, 2020.