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9 Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Law Firm Website from Social Media

by Guy Alvarez • January 27th, 2022 • Social Media | Blog

Increased website traffic is a significant benefit of social media marketing. In fact, according to research, marketers say it’s the second most cited benefit (just behind brand exposure). However, gaining this traffic requires some thoughtful effort. Here are some great tips to help increase law firm website traffic with social media.

1. Optimize Your Profiles

People are quick to look at social profiles to learn more about an organization. Make sure that the profiles you set up quickly convey the right information, particularly your firm’s value proposition. Make your bio distinct and clear, but don’t go overboard with too much text. Always include a CTA with a link to your homepage or a particular landing page. 

2. Highlight Social Proof

Credibility will enhance your perceived value. Reviews, testimonials, and other human voices bring personality and validity to your firm. Furthermore, when people are looking for legal services, they want recommendations. If they don’t get them personally, the next best thing is seeing them on your firm’s online presence. Incorporate social comments, quotes from clients, and other social proof whenever possible in order to increase law firm website traffic.

3. Don’t Ignore the Less Popular Platforms

When you think of social media you probably think mainly of Facebook or LinkedIn. However, there’s definitely a place for law firms on Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. For example, Reddit has over 50 million daily active users who browse the platform for information. If you can engage in conversations and provide real value, you’re likely to get some traction from the site. 

4. Post When People are Engaged

You’re not likely to increase law firm website traffic if you tend to post at times when people aren’t browsing social media. Choose the most effective times for optimal views. Don’t simply rely on common best practices, review your own data and analytics to see when your audience is most receptive to messaging. Then you can use automated scheduling tools to make the most of this knowledge. Posting at the right time will help you reach more people and in turn, increase law firm website traffic.

5. Make Sharing Easy

If someone finds your content valuable and knows others who will also find value in it, they are likely to be inclined to share it. If they don’t see an easy way to do that, they won’t. Embed sharing buttons close to the actual content. You may also want to show the social shares button to encourage more activity. 

6. Promote Content

Social media is an ideal place to share blogs, events, or other website content. It’s important not to use social media as purely a promotional tool, but occasionally sharing high-quality blog content can increase your site’s visibility. We suggest publishing excerpts or teasers with a link to your best content. You can also post older but popular content to entice new followers. 

7. Focus on Engaging With Your Audience

Your social media presence should revolve around your followers, not your firm. Offer content that’s valuable to them, and try to encourage dialogue when possible. Ask open-ended questions and post interesting items that may trigger a reaction. You can even set up a poll, post quizzes, or host contests. The important thing is to generate conversation. 

8. Be Responsive

It’s important to make an effort to reply to every comment you receive on social media. When your audience sees how active you are, they will feel valued and encouraged to interact with you. Social media responses are a great place to answer questions or show client support. Your responses can even include links to other content or resources. Being attentive shows future clients the kind of support they can expect. Showing attentiveness over time can increase law firm website traffic.

9. Include Visuals

Studies show that social media users respond to graphics and images better than text-only posts. Mediums like images, infographics, and video are more likely to trigger an emotional reaction. They also make content more interesting, more interactive, and easier to consume. Use images by themselves or alongside text. When using imagery, try to use original graphics whenever possible vs. relying on stock photos. Live videos can provide even more interaction. 


Being consistent in social media efforts will help increase law firm website traffic and you will experience several other benefits as well. Begin by incorporating these tips into your social media strategy, but don’t stop there. Social media is today’s word of mouth, so getting it right is crucial. Learn everything else you need to know about the state of social media in Good2bSocial’s 2021 Social Law Firm Index. 


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