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Twitter Engagement: A Simple "Like" Goes Further Than You Think

by Tim Baran • July 10th, 2017 • Social Media | Blog

Twitter engagementShowing appreciation has never been easier or the benefits greater yet so many don’t.

All it takes is clicking the “heart” icon on Twitter.

We’re not talking about Facebook here. That’s a whole other ball game where a simple “like” can set off a string of algorithms that redefines your experience on the platform. This is Twitter, which also uses algorithms, like “While you were away” groupings, but not to the extreme extent that Facebook does when it comes to reorganizing what you see in your stream. Not yet, anyway.

Here’s why you should click on the “like” icon more.

It shows appreciation – You should never fail to show appreciation (“like”) for tweets that link to pieces you’ve written or references something you’ve done. When someone compliments you in person you always say thanks. It’s just good manners. Do the same online.

It can trigger relationships – The building blocks of relationships are not the showy but infrequent event, but the small, consistent interactions. Like a “like.” It gets you on that person’s radar. An introduction, if you will. The next time you come a across a post that particularly resonates, click on the “heart” button.

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It can enhance those triggered relationships – This is where Twitter goes a little Facebook as I mentioned at the top of this post. But in a good way. You see more tweets from the people you interact with the most. An opportunity to get to know someone and nurture that relationship. 

It’s affirming – According to a study reported by the New York Times, the same reward center in the brain that is involved in the sensation of pleasure and activated by thoughts of sex, money or ice cream also is turned on when teenagers see their photos getting a lot of likes on social media. Adults are no different based on anecdotal evidence of who stares at their phone screens walking down the street or on the subways and trains or in the movie theater or in line at the grocer or…

We can all use some affirmation. 

It encourages more sharing – Reciprocity is a thing. People will do more for those that show appreciation. Conversely, they’ll think twice about sharing more of your tweets if you ignore them.

It gracefully ends a conversation – At the other end of the engagement spectrum we’ve all come across someone who never knows when to end a conversation. A simple “like” allows you a graceful exit.

A retweet may be the ultimate compliment on Twitter but a simple “like” goes a long way.

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