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Top 10 Ways Law Firms Can Benefit From Content Marketing

by Natalie Moe • November 23rd, 2021 • Content Marketing | Blog

Content marketing is an essential part of a successful law firm marketing strategy. In fact, search is the number one traffic source to blogs across all industries, which means content and SEO efforts are closely related. Hopefully, by now you realize that content marketing provides several boosts to your digital marketing efforts, but in case you need more convincing, keep reading. Here’s a list of 10 ways that effective content marketing can impact your law firm’s success. 

1. Organic Search Visibility and Authority

By developing content that your visitors want to read, like, and share, you can develop domain authority on the keywords and phrases your firm wants to be found for. Having authoritative content is a core principle for how Google determines search rank (read more about this concept here). Furthermore, consistent and high-quality content will make you more visible in organic search results

2. Enhanced Organic Traffic

It’s fairly simple: content that ranks higher in search engines attracts more clicks from people for the top-ranked answers to their questions. You can take advantage of more traffic by having highly targeted content with strong calls-to-action. 

3. More Referral Traffic

By producing truly high-quality and relevant content, you’re more likely to attract the attention of other website owners. Third-party websites that want to better inform their audience and build their own authority through association will be able to link to your site, so you’ll attract inbound links. 

4. Additional Social Engagement

The majority of content you create should have the goal of being read, liked, and shared. Those actions are signals of organic authority and social proof. Creating more content also enables you to take advantage of influencer marketing and user-generated content. These channels have become more important for interacting with followers and building long-lasting relationships. In particular, influencer marketing has become a key part of online marketing, but influencers want to protect their own reputations and credibility. They’re more likely to work with firms that produce valuable and informative content. 

5. Content Tailored to the Client Journey

A well-defined content strategy is developed around the various stages of your sales cycle. Content created for each stage of this journey – from awareness and consideration to conversion, retention, and advocacy – is more likely to reach potential clients with the messaging they need the most. Specialized content also builds long-term trust. You can tailor content across the following stages: 

    1. Awareness (designed to educate)
    2. Consideration (provides a deeper understanding)
    3. Conversion (helps prospects to validate decisions)
    4. Retention (supports your clients with continuous value)
    5. Advocacy (enables clients to share information about your firm)

6. Higher Conversion Rates

Quality content marketing campaigns tend to convert at a better rate than most other marketing techniques. Taking the time to create trusted, target content will produce better results than more temporary tactics. That’s because people are more likely to do business with those they trust – and trust is built over time. 

7. The Ability to Repurpose Content

One of the best things about content is that it’s easy to reproduce in multiple formats for multiple purposes. You can do more with less by using content in multiple ways that further your reach. For example, one case study can be repurposed into a client testimonial for PPC ads, an impactful image for social media profiles, blog posts, and accompanying social media posts. As you develop your content marketing plan, you can create a process for repurposing content that saves time and resources. 

8. Evergreen Content

Creating fresh new content is challenging and time-consuming. It’s beneficial to have cornerstone content that you can update periodically in order to be timely and relevant. As time passes and situations change, you can take existing high-value content and update it to reflect new realities. Firms are able to save significant amounts of time using impactful evergreen content. 

9. Connect With Your Audience Through Various Learning Formats

People consume information in several different ways. Some people are visual learners, while others like to read in-depth material. By creating a content marketing plan catered to different needs and different content formats, you can take advantage of several effective content types: 

    1. Blog posts
    2. Infographics
    3. White papers
    4. Essays (or photo essays)
    5. Videos
    6. Case studies
    7. Podcasts
    8. Webinars
    9. Classes or How-to guides
    10. Emails
    11. Tools or templates 
    12. Interviews
    13. Live Q & A

10. Brand Affinity and Loyalty

Offering helpful and insightful information along with showing your human side is a great way to build a brand that people want to follow. When you share enough content that really resonates – and actually gives people answers they need – they become more emotionally invested in your brand. Content provides additional ways to let your personality come through, which compels people more than the option of working with a “faceless” firm. 


Content marketing sometimes sounds like a trend, but it’s much more than a buzzword. Content marketing is a necessity in today’s digital marketing landscape. Properly leveraging content marketing will reward your firm with several benefits. The sooner you begin investing in powerful content marketing, the faster you’ll see those benefits. If you’re not a writer and don’t know where to start on content, don’t worry. It’s a great idea to outsource content strategy or creation to experts who can help you to make the most of your content investments. 


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