law firm digital marketing trendsThe legal industry is experiencing volatile and dynamic changes as competition heats up and the pace of digital marketing innovation increases. Mobile devices have become the default, we’re seeing advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and social platforms have broadened their reach. Even the way audience data is being collected and managed online is changing.

If your law firm has any intention of remaining competitive in today’s online landscape, you must adapt to the rapidly evolving changes in the digital marketing ecosystem. Read on to discover 3 digital marketing trends that will help your firm not just survive, but thrive in this age of innovation.

Focus on the client experience

Along with the developments in digital, there’s been a change in the marketing approach used across law firms. Rather than simply promoting your firm’s services, law firms need to focus on generating positive, valuable experiences for potential clients. When planning marketing activities, consider how your firm can deliver valuable resources that serve as educational pieces to potential clients. This approach includes creating and promoting timely blog posts, video tutorials, whitepapers, webinars, etc. Furthermore, always strive to deliver an intuitive and effective mobile user experience and incorporate UX best practices into every facet of your online experience. This can be as simple as checking to make sure your law firm’s newsletter or social posts look good and are compatible with mobile devices.

Create video content

To capture more people’s attention online, law firm digital marketers should go beyond blogs and articles, and expand into video marketing. Video continues to be one of the most effective content formats online. In fact, research shows that marketers who use video can grow revenue nearly 50 percent faster. Video is exciting for lawyers because it presents the ideal opportunity to forge a stronger relationship with clients, and engage new ones. People tend to respond well to videos because they can make a more human connection. People work with lawyers, not firms, and so creating content that really resonates with potential clients is more important than ever. Embedding videos on your law firm’s website can even enhance your search engine optimization (SEO). See: 5 Ways for Law Firms to Use Video.

Employ personalization to a new level

Personalization has long been a trend in the digital marketing arena. Now, with advancements in AI technology and machine learning, “hyper-personalization” has become a new buzzword. Online behavior can be predicted, and there are many opportunities to leverage that data – from programmatic advertising to retargeting strategies to personalized email and content campaigns. Personalization will go beyond just inserting names into your law firm’s marketing email. Look for opportunities to closely align content to what you know about your leads and clients. 


We live in a time when marketing technology moves fast and prospective client interests and behaviors are hard to predict. Now is a great time to review your law firm’s marketing strategies and ensure you’re poised to remain competitive in today’s evolving digital landscape. In light of the law firm digital marketing trends listed above, take a look at your upcoming campaigns and see what can be improved to better improve UX, personalization, or engagement. If you need help applying any of these trends, reach out to us for help. We help firms like yours implement strategies leveraging the latest and greatest marketing technologies.