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Facebook Advertising for Lawyers: How to Reach Your Target Audience

Facebook Advertising for Lawyers Placing ads on Facebook is, without a doubt, one of the most effective advertising options on the Internet today. With the vast amount of incredibly detailed information Facebook can provide about its millions of users, the social media giant offers targeting options that no other advertising platform can match. If your […]

Online Advertising and Apple’s iOS 14.5: What Law Firm Marketers Need to Know

You might have heard of Apple’s iOS 14.5 update. That’s because it’s pretty groundbreaking. The initiative delivered a major change to targeted advertising on their devices, which is essential to most of the publishers of online content (like Facebook, Google, news outlets, etc). Here’s what law firm marketers need to know about Apple’s latest iOS […]

A Lawyer’s Guide to Facebook Analytics

If you count on Facebook ads to draw in more customers, it’s vital that you have a means to keep track of them. You need to know the impact they have and if they make any difference to your target viewers. Spending funds on Facebook ads with no understanding of their efficiency is a pointless […]

Facebook Advertising for Law Firms: How to Develop Custom Audiences

Facebook offers one of the most targeted advertising opportunities on the Internet. Users enter all kinds of information about themselves just because of the way Facebook works. This gives the social media giant the ability to pinpoint advertising to specific users like no other company can. Among the many options Facebook offers for targeted advertising, the custom […]