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4 Top Project Management Tools For Law Firm Marketers

by Noreen Fishman • September 14th, 2017 • Digital Marketing | Blog

Project Management Tools for Law Firm MarketersHaving the right project management tool can dramatically improve your team’s efficiency, productivity, and accountability. 

The best project management tool for your team is going to depend on different factors like what you want to accomplish, your management style, and how much you’re willing to invest. Every team is different. It’s important to find a tool that addresses your specific needs.

To help you sort through the offerings you’ll find across the Internet, here are some of the best and most popular project management tools available today:


Trello is based on the Kanban method developed by Toyota engineers. Kanban means “billboard” in Japanese. The idea is that making the whole process visual from start to end will help facilitate organization and increase productivity.

Trello uses “boards” to represent overall projects, “lists” to represent workflow steps within the projects, and “cards” to represent individual tasks. As tasks are processed and completed, their cards are moved along from one list to another, making it easy to see the status of each task at any given time. You can also upload files and add comments, due dates, and more to each card.

Trello works best for streamlining processes and collaboration. It’s also an excellent way to keep track of your own personal to-do lists. Its functions are intuitive, making it surprisingly easy to learn.


Asana aims to help productivity by breaking large projects down into easy-to-follow lists of tasks. You just have to look at your list to see what needs your attention.

Asana is a great tool for tracking tasks and projects. It encourages collaboration and communication among team members. With the ability to attach and share files within the system, it practically eliminates the need to use any outside communication such as email.

Tasks can be categorized as “today,” “upcoming,” and “later.” You can also prioritize tasks that matter most. The calendar view makes it easy to see what has been accomplished and what still needs follow-up.

Asana does an excellent job of breaking down complex projects into smaller, more actionable tasks. In the end, everyone involved will feel less overwhelmed and more like they’re getting something done as they check items off their lists.


“Time management is better when it’s visual,” is what it says on the website of Dapulse. It’s hard to argue with that.

Dapulse is a project management tool that puts great emphasis on making tasks visual. It does a great job of putting everyone involved on the same page. If you want transparency in tracking your tasks and projects, this could be the best option for you.

The combination of robust customizability and intuitive functionality is what really makes Dapulse shine. You can easily structure your workflow system depending on the simplicity or complexity of the tasks you need to get done and how you want to go about doing them.

You can sign up and look around for free, but to use the system you’ll need to sign up for a paid plan. Prices start at $25 monthly for the most basic plan.


When it comes to collaboration, it’s hard to beat Basecamp. Basecamp has a great system for organizing lists, assigning tasks, and monitoring deliverables and due dates. The tool also has an intuitive process for ordering and reordering priorities, making sure nothing gets lost along the way.

There is an open discussion area where team members can share ideas and ask general questions. Then, of course, there is also the option to comment on specific files and tasks. Basecamp also gives you plenty of file storage, making it easy for everyone involved to collaborate and share.

If you’re managing a single team working on a single project, Basecamp might be overkill. If, however, you’re overseeing a team that’s working on several different projects, Basecamp makes oversight and management a breeze.

Basecamp plans start at $20 monthly.

Explore And Experiment

Before you settle on a project management tool, take your time and explore your options. Most systems offer a free trial (or at least a free demo), and some are even free to use forever if you don’t have a lot of team members. Get inside and look around to get a feel for how each tool works.

It’s important to make sure that you’re happy with your choice before you start loading in all of your data. Deciding that you need to change platforms and start over again can be time consuming and costly.

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