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Podcast Ep. 19: LinkedIn Advertising with Guy Alvarez

by Tim Baran • September 19th, 2017 • Podcast



Law firms and companies trying to target a B2B (business to business) audience are starting to recognize the value of paid LinkedIn advertising.

Paid advertising on LinkedIn is a great way to not only expand your reach, but provides you with incredible targeting opportunities.

Budgets for LinkedIn Advertising

Like Google Adwords, you can set up your own budget. However, the difference between Google Adwords and paid social, and in particular, paid LinkedIn, is that LinkedIn is much cheaper – as much as half the cost of pay-per-click. Some clients spend $200-$250 per month and are seeing great results. You can set your own budget and based on the results, choose to spend more or less.

What is “Matched Audiences”?

Matched Audiences is LinkedIn’s retargeting platform and lets you serve an advertisement for a piece of content to someone that’s already familiar with your brand. Studies have shown that people are much more likely to engage or purchase from a brand they’re already familiar with.

Matched Audiences options

  • Retarget people that have already visited your website. You do this by adding a script to your website that LinkedIn provides, and then targeting an ad to those people on LinkedIn.
  • Upload your mailing list to LinkedIn. This action matches the email addresses that you have with the email address of LinkedIn users. So, instead of the contacts seeing your content in an email, which they’re used to, they come across it in their LinkedIn stream.
  • Target employees of certain companies. Upload a list of companies to LinkedIn and your campaign will target individuals at that company.

Get started by experimenting with tiny budgets and adjust as needed. If you want to go deeper it can get a bit more complicated so you should get some professional help. You can find helpful tips on our Good2bSocial blog and contact us for additional help with LinkedIn and other social media paid advertising.

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