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Podcast Ep. 114: Law Firm Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks During Uncertain Times

by Talia Schwartz • April 30th, 2020 • Podcast

In this week’s episode, Guy Alvarez is joined by Michael Mogill to discuss all things digital marketing, particularly, strategies that are most effective for lawyers and law firms during these uncertain times. They canvass everything from law firm branding to social media marketing. Michael Mogill is Founder and CEO of the video marketing company, Crisp Video Group, which has been named to the Inc. 500 list of America’s fastest-growing companies. Mogill is also the author of The Game Changing Attorney. You can connect with Michael on LinkedIn here or on the Crisp website.

Podcast Show Notes

How did you get into coaching?

I have always been very entrepreneurial, it sparked with my family owning a web design company. In 2012 I started my own video production company, even though I was told that there’s no future in online video and there was no way I could compete with the big agencies. Later on, I moved into the legal industry, which was an accident.

What are some tips you would give attorneys for building their personal brand?

The first thing lawyers need to understand is that their brand already exists, and hopefully it is already aligned to how they want to be perceived. One main thing that attorneys should focus on is humanizing their firm and marketing themselves authentically. Lawyers can do this by showing why they are not only the best, but different from the rest. When lawyers come across as “too polished,” it doesn’t breed that level of connection between themselves and their clients.

Which channel of digital marketing should lawyers invest in?

Undoubtedly Facebook, because at this moment ad spend costs are reduced by a third while consumption and time spent on the platform has doubled. I believe Facebook is more valuable than Google pay-per-click (PPC) ads right now as we see more people engaged on social media than ever before, more so than search engines.

Where do you see the future of legal marketing going?

The future of law firm digital marketing is wherever the attention is moving towards and today I see a greater shift towards video marketing on social media. So the more that lawyers can leverage social media marketing and video marketing, the more they will benefit and drive new business through their efforts.


Lawyers can leverage video marketing, across social media, in their newsletters and on their websites to help build their brand and shape their digital reputation. In today’s environment, people are craving interpersonal connections and they want to work with lawyers they feel they know and can trust. So due to social distancing mandates, video is the ideal medium to get in front of clients and potential clients to form these deeper connections. For more tips on how you can use video effectively, visit our blog post: 5 New Ways for Law Firms to Use Video.

If you would like assistance developing a law firm video marketing strategy or are ready to start producing your own content, contact us for help. Whether you’re a large law firm that wants a fully produced video from start to finish, or a solo lawyer who just wants help editing the video you took on your phone – we can help.

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