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Legal Marketing 2.0 Podcast

Legal industry leader and host Guy Alvarez shares deep insights and fresh perspectives on the latest legal marketing trends and strategies, with actionable takeaways for lawyers and marketing professionals at law firms and legal technology companies.

Podcast Ep. 19: LinkedIn Advertising with Guy Alvarez

  Shownotes Law firms and companies trying to target a B2B (business to business) audience are starting to recognize the value of paid LinkedIn advertising. Paid advertising on LinkedIn is a great way to not only expand your reach, but provides you with...

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Podcast Ep. 18: WordPress for Lawyers With Jennifer Ellis

    Jennifer Ellis is a Pennsylvania legal ethics attorney and marketer. She helps law firms and other businesses maintain a competitive online presence. She also educates attorneys on ethical online conduct. Previously she practiced law with and managed the...

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Podcast Ep. 15 Law Firm Local SEO With Aaron Shepard

    Aaron is an Account Manager at Good2bSocial. His responsibilities include day-to-day account management, social media, and local SEO for clients in the legal industry. He got his start in legal marketing as a Social Media Intern with Good2bSocial. He...

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Podcast Ep. 14 Law Firm Brand Research With Elonide Semmes

Law firms are not just about selling legal services but the client's experience receiving those services. To do that you need to marry good industry insight with vigorous market research and exceptional design.     Elonide Semmes is the founder and president...

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