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New Facebook Page Experiences for Law Firms

by Kevin Vermeulen • October 28th, 2022 • Social Media | Blog

A feature that was popular among some users on Facebook is now available to small and midsize businesses. The new page experience was originally rolled out in 2021 to only creators, public figures, and subject matter experts. Now, the functionality is open to all businesses who want a cleaner and more streamlined experience on their pages. Here’s what law firms need to know about managing a professional Facebook presence using the new page experience. facebook for law firms

The new page experience brings several benefits. Users agree that it makes navigation between business and persona pages easier while providing a more intuitive layout. Additionally, users can take advantage of a professional dashboard to manage activities from a central location. The new experience also offers dedicated feeds to enable firm users to more seamlessly interact with people on the platform as their business. How can you make the most of the new offerings for Facebook for law firms? 

Facebook for Law Firms

According to Facebook parent Meta, these are ways that small or midsize firms can take full advantage of the latest features. 

1. Optimize Profile Setup

Make sure to add contact details such as your address, website, office hours, etc). You also want to include a cover photo, a great description, a profile picture, etc. Consider adding action buttons like “Call Now” or “Send a Message” to make it easy for people to make contact with your firm. There is also a new featured section where page administrators can pin posts, upcoming events, etc. Admins can use the Page Access tab in the professional dashboard to access and manage their page and change permissions for specific tasks. 

facebook for law firms

2. Grow Your Audience

Use the Invite Friends feature to ask clients, partners, family, and friends to like your page. You can also use the professional dashboard to learn more about your weekly audience growth and obtain information about your followers. Track the performance of your posts and then boost top-performing posts into advertising

law firm facebook3. Optimize Content Publishing

Schedule posts to publish during the times that your followers are most active. You can also incorporate trending hashtags to boost the discovery of your content. Posts can be shared in up to 3 groups, and you can cross-link with Instagram accounts. Add the “Get Message” button directly under posts in order to help your firm interact more with people viewing your content. 

4. Increase Engagementfacebook engagement

One of the key components of the new page experience is a dedicated feed. Paying attention to what’s in your feed will make it easier to engage with people or other businesses. Facebook suggests participating in the comments section of the page’s posts, as well as engaging with content from other page accounts. This new feature will allow law firms to better optimize their social media strategy. (If you want more tips on advancing your social media strategy, check out this free eBook: Advanced Social Media Strategies for Law Firms.)

5. Enhance Securityfaacebook for law firms

It’s recommended that administrators take advantage of two-factor authentication. Other items that can help with safety and security are comment moderation tools including Moderation Assist, which allows users to set criteria in advance and automatically apply them to new comments, as well as the ability to limit who can comment on organic public posts. 





The new page experience delivers actionable insights and more relevant notifications. Firms can use updated page management tools to drive more engagement and interact with others seamlessly.  Simply update your classic page to the new page experience and all page content will automatically move to your new page. If you have more questions about making the most of Facebook or other social media, reach out to our team. We can help you to use social to engage with your audience and generate more leads. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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