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Facebook for Law Firms: 20 Tips To Gain More Followers

by Kevin Vermeulen • May 27th, 2021 • Social Media | Blog

facebook for law firmsGetting more followers on social media is an important goal for many law firms. That’s because a growing number of followers is a sign of expanding reach and exposure. As your firm scales, you should see a similar trend happening with your Facebook followers. We know that buying followers doesn’t really work (because those purchased contacts rarely translate to engagement). So how can a law firm cultivate more Facebook followers? Here are several ways to do so organically. 

1. Devise a Facebook marketing strategy

Develop a robust strategy that accounts for what success looks like, what content will resonate with your audience, the best ways to engage, and what you know of how competitors leverage the platform. 

2. Post consistently

The more you post, the more visible you’ll be, and the more that people will have opportunities to follow you. Create a content calendar and consider investing in a third party tool like HubSpot that can help you to schedule posts. 

3. Use automation tools to boost activity

The more you post on Facebook, the more chances you’ll have of getting more Facebook followers. Don’t let posting fall by the wayside. Use an automation tool to set up a series of posts over the next several days in advance.

4. Use various types of posts

You never know what will resonate, and if you’ve been posting the same sort of things often, your follower count might plateau. Experiment with different types of posts to get more comments or likes. Try a mix of images, video, text, etc. 

5. Optimize your post timing

You might have the best post ever, but if no one is around to see it, it won’t matter. Visibility is key, so make sure you’re posting at times when a lot of eyes will be on your content. Find out when your followers are most active and post at those times. The only way to know your ideal posting time is to experiment with varying times.

6. Create shareable content

People love to share content these days. If you create something that is informative, entertaining, inspiring, or just interesting, it’s more likely to be shared – which increases your reach. Note that the most shareable content is easy to digest, such as short videos, and visually appealing. 

7. Engage with your audience

People want to feel seen and heard by brands they follow. Make it a priority to interact with your followers, whether that’s answering a direct message or responding to a comment. Social media is truly about being “social”.

8. Make sure you’ve promoted your Facebook page everywhere

Direct traffic to your Facebook whenever possible, including from your website, in your email newsletter, on blog posts, and on other social media platforms. 

9. Add the Facebook icon to all of your digital platforms

Simply say “Connect with us” and then include the social icons for the platforms you’re on. 

10. Partner with influencers

Influencers and thought leaders not only offer a much larger reach than most firms have, but they also provide social proof and credibility. Try finding an influencer for an audience you haven’t targeted previously and building a campaign to drive traffic. Followers who come from an influencer’s posts are more likely to have some level of trust already. 

11. Collaborate with another brand

Two businesses with similar audiences can benefit from working together. A co-marketing campaign could be something like a month-long video series, or live events or webinars hosted by both businesses. Look for companies/firms that are a natural complement to your firm, and see what you could put together that would provide value for your joint audience. 

12. Join Facebook groups

Participating in relevant groups can give you direct access to your audience. If you spend time in the groups, you’ll learn more about their needs, challenges, and concerns. Remember, though: groups aren’t a place for selling. Keep activities geared toward creating authentic connections and conversations. 

13. Start your own Facebook group

Your own Facebook group is one of the best databases you can have, similar to your own email list. These people have opted in to hearing from you and are interested in what you have to say. Again, the focus here should be on providing value and fostering a strong and helpful community. 

14. Use the Facebook Insights Dashboard

This area tells you how people are interacting with your Facebook page and posts. Use the information you find here to tell you what’s working and what needs to change. 

15. Create more video content

Video content on Facebook usually gets higher levels of engagement than pictures or text-based posts. As a result, more people will view your content. The more viewers and Facebook likes you get, the higher the chance that your content will get found by potential new Facebook followers. 

16. Make sure your page is easy to find

It would be a real bummer if someone wanted to follow your page but couldn’t find it. Make things easier by using the same username across all social platforms, adding your logo and a relevant cover photo, and having a completed “About” section. 

17. Don’t be overly salesy

Your law firm’s Facebook presence should be used to connect with your target audience and publish content that resonates with them. Followers do expect that to come with a bit of self-promotion, but too much will turn them off quickly. 

18. Authenticate your page

As social media has expanded, bots and fake profiles have become more popular. That makes users hesitant to follow brands they aren’t familiar with. Request a verification badge on Facebook by filling out this form

19. Create customized content

Every social media platform is different, and their users are drawn to different types of content. The best performing content for law firms on Facebook is funny, entertaining, or practical. Content that humanizes your firm and showcases your community involvement also performs well. Don’t simply recycle content that you use on other channels, develop content that is tailored to your Facebook audience. 

20. Consider running ads

In addition to all the other tips we just mentioned, try developing ad campaigns to reach more users. You can target people based on location as well as demographics, behaviors, etc. Though there are plenty of free ways to get more followers, you can supplement them with paid ad campaigns for a well-rounded strategy.


Getting more followers on Facebook requires a lot more than just posting regularly – though that’s certainly an important part! Law firms can try out these tactics to better tap into their target audience and create a Facebook presence that attracts new followers and engages current followers.

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