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A Law Firm Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

by Kevin Vermeulen • February 22nd, 2019 • Digital Marketing | Blog

law firm cro strategiesLaw firms that are focused on generating new qualified leads and acquiring new clients through their website need to ensure that their website is optimized for conversions. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) aims to convert qualified leads from visitors to your law firm website. The goal of CRO is to ensure that you capture the contact information of potential leads who are visiting your website, so that you can convert them into clients.

Understanding Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization, is the process by which you enable website visitors to take action. They key to CRO strategy is to modify and design certain parts of your website to increase the chances of converting a website visitor into a lead.

Parts of Your Law Firm Website with Which to Use CRO

You will want to take advantage of conversion rate optimization strategies on various parts of your website to maximize CRO effectiveness. Some of the most important parts of your website to use CRO on include the home page, practice area pages, your blog, and your attorney bios.

The homepage is where you make your first impression. This is also the perfect place to start converting leads. Some good options include emphasizing links to your practice areas, including forms and calls to action that are visible above the fold, or including a chat functionality to enable visitors to quickly speak with someone at your firm.

On practice area pages, you want to have calls to action that are in context with the page they are on. For example, if a visitor is on your employment law practice page, you want to have a call to action that reads, “Do you need help with an employment law issue? Contact us for help”.

Your law firm’s blog is also a good opportunity to generate conversions, particularly if you use it wisely to publish useful content relevant to your practice. The most common CRO method in a blog is including calls-to-action within the post and at the end. You can also offer visitors something of value, such as an ebook covering an aspect of your practice in exchange for their email address.

Landing pages are specifically designed for conversions and optimized for visitors to take action. If the landing page advertises a free resource, such as a webinar or checklist, you can optimize it by including a content preview on the landing page.

When Your Law Firm Should Use CRO

The timing for conversion rate optimization is key, since you need to have enough website visitors coming in order to generate conversions. When your content marketing and business develop efforts consistently bring in qualified visitors to your website and do so with increasing amounts, then it’s time to consider CRO.

Calculating Conversions and Goals with CRO

To begin, figure out your current conversion rate with simple math. Take the number of conversions your website generated and divide it by the number of visitors to the page. The conversion rate is the percentage of people who convert following a website visit.

To create your CRO goals, consider one of the following formulas:

  •      (# of leads generated ÷ website traffic) x 100 = % conversion rate
  •      (# of new clients ÷ close ratio % for lead-to-client) = lead goal
  •      (new revenue goal ÷ average price of services) = # of new client

Using a combination of the formulas can help you determine specific goals, such as the number of new clients you need based on your increased revenue goal or your lead goal.

Law Firm CRO Strategies

With the introduction to CRO and basic calculations out of the way, it is time to look at the specific strategies that you can use for your CRO:

  1. Incorporate Pop Ups in the Blog: A good CRO strategy for your law firm’s blog is to include a pop up. Pop up’s tend to have a high conversion rate. Opt for a pop-up box, slide-in box, or drop-down banner.
  2. Include Text-Based CTAs in Your Blogs: As mentioned, one of the most popular CRO strategies is to incorporate a call-to-action in your blog post. Unfortunately, people tend to ignore any information on websites that is banner-like and won’t necessarily make it to the bottom of your blog. Instead, try a text-based CTA incorporated organically in the middle of your blog.
  3. Test the Landing Pages: Run some A/B tests on your landing page to try out different options like content offerings, website copy, and images.
  4. Add Messaging: Add the option to chat with your team to website pages with the highest conversion rates.
  5. Create Workflows that Enable Sales: Consider using automated workflows that will make life easier for your sales team. For example, add the ability to book a meeting by pressing a single button.


Driving traffic to your law firm’s website is just the first step, the ultimate goal is to actually convert visitors into clients. With the right conversion rate optimization strategies in place, your law firm should see an improvement in conversion rates. If you’re interested in implementing new law firm CRO strategies, contact us for help.

law firm cro strategies


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