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Making the Business Case for Law Firm Social Media Marketing

by Kierstin Vermeulen • September 8th, 2016 • Digital Marketing | Blog

The Benefits of Law Firm Social Media Marketing

law firm social media marketingNowadays, everyone is on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn  ̶  you name it. Even businesses are getting in on the action by tweeting out promotions, posting content for marketing, and even communicating with customers to enhance their business relationships. So how about law firms? Can law firm social media marketing be used for business development and lead generation? Let’s explore.

Social media has many benefits for law firms. And a few stand out. For example, social media can provide free marketing for your firm. That’s right, free! You can put out your own content, talk about what your law firm is doing, feature your own attorneys and expertise, and get the word out easily and effectively about your practice. Over time, your active presence and routine publishing of content will enhance your credibility as an expert in your field with followers and prospective clients.

Law Firm Social media marketing can be a great way to improve client relations. If your firm is active on social media, it demonstrates to clients that you are available to them. How? A constant digital presence, desirable content and responsiveness shows clients that you are always there to help them and that you know what you’re talking about.

Most importantly, law firm social media marketing can generate leads, develop new business and build its client base. Effective connections with your current clients via social media allows you to reach their connections as well. If your client shares one of your articles, retweets your messages, or tags your law firm on social media, they instantly expose your firm to their entire network of followers. This, in turn, allows your client’s followers to learn about your law firm and how it can help them.

Social media is no longer purely a digital marketing platform. Seasoned firms have discovered other impactful uses, and we at Good2bSocial have observed a notable increase in alternative applications — including using social efforts for recruiting, client support, and fostering internal collaboration.

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