paid linkedinLinkedIn Marketing Solutions offers a robust platform for law firms to reach existing and potential clients. Custom targeting options on paid LinkedIn allow your firm to connect with website visitors, key accounts, or mailing lists for hyper-targeted marketing that is more likely to generate new clients. Here’s how.

Website Retargeting

This form of marketing is becoming increasingly popular, as people abandon the phone and turn to the internet for most of their research. Many businesses are finding success by re-engaging their website visitors. LinkedIn’s platform allows you to segment website visitors and define audiences by the pages they visited on your site, and then tailor ad content to reactivate interest. Visit this page to get specific instructions, but here’s what you need to know to begin this program:

  1. Add the LinkedIn Insight Tag to your site. This tag is a lightweight JavaScript tag that powers conversion tracking, retargeting, and web analytics for LinkedIn. A developer should be able to help you place the tag and confirm that it’s verified with LinkedIn.
  2. Create audiences to retarget in the Campaign Manager. This is where you’ll define website segments.
  3. Build your audience to 300. This is the number that must be reached before an ad can be delivered for any particular website segment.

Contact Targeting

This form of marketing includes uploading or integrating your pre-existing list of contacts, so that you can deliver relevant content to interested parties, prospects, or clients. You can do so by securely uploading your email address lists or connecting to your contact management platform. For detailed instructions, click here. There are two ways to get started with lists.

  1. Format your list as a single column with one email address per row, with the word “email” as the first row. Your list can have up to 300,000 email addresses. In the Campaign Manager, you’ll choose “Match based on a list of email contacts”.
  2. You could also Integrate with your contact management platform. This is a more technical route, but LinkedIn has several supported partners that will allow integration, where lists will automatically populate on the “Uploaded Lists” menu.

Account Targeting

Run account based marketing programs backed by powerful LinkedIn data with this option. This program allows you to match your target companies against the 13+ million Company Pages on LinkedIn. Here’s a simple breakdown of instructions.

  1. Format your list as a single column with one email address per row, with the word “email” as the first row. Your list can have up to 300,000 email addresses. Make sure to save as a CSV.
  2. To upload your account list, you’ll need to set up Account Targeting for LinkedIn ads. Follow the directions on this page.


In a more competitive digital space, the future is definitely account based or highly targeted marketing. It’s great that LinkedIn is offering a way for firms to implement advertising programs quickly and easily with their tools. If you need some assistance with any aspect of setting up these paid LinkedIn initiatives, just ask us! We’re ready to help you grow your practice.