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Lead Nurturing Emails For Law Firms: The Ultimate Conversion Tool For Your Firm

by Kevin Vermeulen • February 19th, 2021 • Digital Marketing | Blog

Lead Nurturing Emails For Law FirmsWhat would your revenue look like if you could generate 50% more leads qualified leads through online marketing? Obviously that scenario would be a game-changer for your law firm, and it’s actually possible. The key is lead nurturing emails.

What is lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing involves connecting with individuals who have shown some degree of interest in your law practice, and furthering that interest by providing them valuable information and answers to the questions they have. 

A well-developed lead nurturing campaign shares your knowledge and expertise, enabling you to build your credibility and authority in the minds of your audience.

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#1 tip for nurturing your law firm’s leads via email 

Before we get into the process of crafting a compelling lead nurturing campaign, it’s important to note what really differentiates successful programs: speed. The fact is that leads begin to “cool” within minutes from the initial contact. It’s essential that someone on your staff gets a notification immediately following a potential client submitting a contact form, and follows up as quickly as possible. Using marketing automation, you can drop these leads into a workflow where communication will begin right away. The best way to increase open rates, responses, and obtain new clients through your email campaigns is by effectively nurturing your list. 

A successful lead nurturing strategy involves the following steps: 

1. Qualify leads:

It’s important to score leads according to where people are in the buying process. Since you only have a few fields in which to capture information (because each additional field in your firm reduces conversions by 11%), you need to focus on gaining insights that will better help you connect to the individual. Attempt to determine your lead’s fit, their interest, behaviors, or stage in the client journey. 

2. Segment leads:

Lead nurturing email programs are most effective using segmentation and automation. Segmentation allows you to send relevant emails to your audience without creating personal emails for each person. Split your prospects into groups based on location, industry, legal challenge, etc. Use information that you’ve gathered based on interests, past behavior, etc. to form these groups. Don’t worry about appearing to know too much – we live in the age of data, and your audience knows that you’re collecting and using information to provide a more personalized experience. 

3. Create automated campaigns:

Once you’ve created segments, you can take advantage of automation to make the most of email marketing. Automating emails means you’ll never miss an opportunity to reach out to a prospect. Automation also allows you to track behavior, which means you can see how people engage with your brand. Furthermore, automation saves a lot of time and resources by communicating for you. 

4. Personalize communications:

A truly impactful email program will deliver content that’s tailored to your individual prospects. It’s important to personalize content when you send emails. Rather than spending a lot of time tweaking emails, use dynamic content. For instance, change the banner of each email to be relevant to the recipient’s specific locations, business type, or area of interest.

5. Develop customized nurture journeys:

Ideally, you’ve created client personas and documented journeys around them. Set up workflows where you send a series of emails based on a prospect’s actions or behaviors. Using automation, you can send emails based on triggers such as a form completion. This creates more personalized interactions based on where individuals are in their own journey.

6. Include a compelling CTA:

No matter how you design your law firm’s next lead nurturing email campaign, be sure to add an effective call-to-action. Tell the potential client what you want them to do and remove any confusion or need for clarification. 

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A few things to keep in mind

Even with automated marketing, you shouldn’t “set it and forget it”. 

  • Remember, the majority of email communications are deleted or ignored. Very few ever see a response. Your job is to overcome these statistics. 
  • Monthly newsletters and cold emails don’t have a place in modern digital communications – warm, personalized emails are what people expect. 
  • Most firms don’t take the time to segment their lists. This makes emails less specific and less effective. 
  • Time of day does matter. Sending email during the times of the day when users are more likely to be distracted – such as first thing in the morning – will result in lower open or response rates. 
  • Don’t be afraid to follow up several times. It can take multiple attempts before your list is “warm” and ready to hear more of a sales pitch. 


Smarter, more intentional lead nurturing will help your law firm’s online lead generation efforts. Follow the steps above to start creating a comprehensive email marketing program that will help guide leads from cold contacts to loyal clients.

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