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Law Firms Who Are Taking Advantage of YouTube

by Guy Alvarez • January 30th, 2023 • Social Media | Blog

YouTube is the second most popular site next to Google. But sadly, not all firms take advantage of this platform’s popularity by creating videos that engage and excite their audience. 

As a part of our annual study, The Social Law Firm Index, where we study and rank America’s top 200 law firms on their social media usage, we found a few firms that set themselves apart from the rest on YouTube.

If you’d like some insight into how your law firm can run a successful YouTube channel, review these 4 accounts for inspiration

1. Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan

Quinn Emmanuel understands that strong branding and a cohesive theme go a long way on YouTube. Each of their thumbnails is professionally made and branded with the firm’s unique branding. They utilize YouTube to educate their audience on a variety of topics, and most notably are on board with the short biteable video trend with their video series: Two Minute Tax Talks.

2. Jones Day

Jones Day utilizes YouTube to humanize its firm and portray an authentic image. Each thumbnail is branded and features an image of a person, lending to their authentic and human image. They use their YouTube channel as a way to create video blogs that break down the latest industry news with titles like ‘The Metaverse- Opportunities, Markets, and Regulations’ and ‘Nonfungible Tokens and the Gamifcation of Markets’. They also utilize YouTube to showcase their unique firm culture.

3. Morgan, Lewis, Bockius

Morgan Lewis uses YouTube as a tool to showcase their firm’s values. They have created videos for a variety of topics outside of law that resonate with their firm values. Titles include “Morgan Lewis Celebrates Black History Month’ and ‘Morgan Lewis Supports #BalanceforBetter for Women’s History Month’. They always keep their videos short and entertaining, to keep their audience engaged.

4. Dechert

Dechert understands that YouTube success doesn’t mean you only have to create one type of video over and over. Dechert creates educational videos but also repurposes content from webinars and live conferences so they can stay on top of their strategy and keep their channel up to date.


YouTube may seem like a challenging platform that requires a lot of time and dedication in order to be successful. However, these firms prove that YouTube success isn’t unattainable. Rather, they showcase that law firm YouTube is about remaining educational, entertaining, and finding new and exciting ways to engage your audience.

If you’d like to create videos for your law firm’s YouTube channel but aren’t sure where to start, consider leveraging our team of experienced video producers. We’ve helped many lawyers and law firms create videos that excite and engage their audiences.

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