law firm's youtubeTo make the most of social media, your law firm will ideally have a presence on a range of social media platforms, including YouTube. YouTube is a very effective platform for connecting with current and potential clients, providing educational information, and explaining your services. To use this platform to its full advantage, however, you need to have a fair number of subscribers. Explore some of the most useful and effective strategies to grow your law firm’s YouTube subscribers.

Make Content That Is Worth It

One of the best methods of getting more subscribers on YouTube is to make sure that you are creating content they want. If your content is something viewers are actually interested in, the subscribers will grow naturally. The good news for law firms who want to take a solid approach is that instead of clicks, views, and other vanity metrics, YouTube will reward actual engagement. Engagement metrics include average view duration, average watch percentage, watch time, average session duration, and audience retention. Consider looking at these figures for past videos to see what kind of content produces the most engagement.

Order Playlists Properly

You will also likely experience growth in YouTube subscribers if you create your playlists properly. You want the playlists to group and organize your videos so that they are easily digestible. Start the playlists off with videos that have the best engagement statistics, then continue them with related videos, ending on those with the lowest retention rate.

Add a CTA

If you have watched any videos on YouTube recently, you know that most YouTubers will end their videos by asking you to like and subscribe to their content. You should be doing the same as this is actually a very effective method of gaining subscribers. By placing this call to action at the end of the video instead of the beginning, viewers can make an informed decision based on the video content.

Choose Thumbnails Carefully

To improve your search rankings on YouTube, go ahead and make sure your videos’ thumbnails are ready to wow browsers. This is particularly important because YouTube gives the click-through rate a great deal of significance for rankings. Unfortunately, no one will click-through on videos with subpar or average thumbnails. To avoid that problem, consider using a talking head, which plays on the fact that we are drawn naturally to human faces. You should also consider contrasting colors in the background and foreground of the thumbnail, as this helps it pop.

Optimize for Keywords

You may not realize it, but optimization plays an important role on YouTube just like it does on search engines. This is done via keywords in the descriptions, tags, and titles of your videos. You should also place the keywords in the video files, thumbnail files, and SRT files. Instead of placing random keywords, use the YouTube Search Report to find the popular queries that let viewers find your videos.


Once you get new subscribers on your law firm’s YouTube channel, take steps to ensure you do not lose them or your hard work will go to waste. To retain attention, continue creating great content and listen to the demands of your viewers. If your law firm needs help producing videos and developing a YouTube strategy, contact us for a consultation.

law firm's youtube